First Day of ad:tech San Francisco Summarized Picture-Style


Rather than bore you with a wordy monologue of what went on during the first night at ad:tech San Francisco, the story is best told through pictures and there's a lot of them here that capture the first day of the online marketing conference with hit record attendance levels of 14,000 plus. In the picture album, you'll see all the usual shenanigans including booth babes, costumed characters, women with lots of cleavage for no reason other than to make men drool and hang around a trade show booth, industry luminaries, nightlife and just plain fun.


Special thanks go to UnSubCentral's John Engler for showing us all a great time and to Fosina Marketing Group President and CEO for quenching our late night thirst at the Clift Room - the usual end point during every ad:tech in San Francisco.

From the early morning coffee meetup organized by Ion Interactive's Megan Leap to Pete Blackshaw's panel on social media to the required Ruby Skye party and the final stop at the Clift Hotel, the first day was informative and fun. Enough blather. Go look at the pictures.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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