And Microsoft is Like, 'You Know What? Forget It'


Talk about an emotional roller coaster. Discussions between heads of Microsoft and Yahoo on Saturday concluded with the two companies deciding they don't mesh well after all.

After company insiders divulged Microsoft and Yahoo were in decidedly harmonious merger talks, Steve Ballmer has formally withdrawn his bid. There will be no board ousting and no bid to meet Yahoo's lofty expectations of $37 per share.

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by Angela Natividad    May- 4-08    
Topic: Online

Kinkos Uses Brilliant Blatant Subliminal Strategy to Drive Unnecessary Banner Sales


So this week when I joined the millions of college students around the country camping out at Kinkos to print final class projects the night before---or, is as often the case, the morning that---it is due, I noticed a large white banner hanging behind where the nice Kinkos employee was struggling to print my paper (shout-out to Scott). It read, "Thank you for staring at our banner! You are subliminally causing other customers to want to buy a banner."

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by Amy Yen    May- 4-08    
Topic: Point of Purchase

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