How to Transform Tomorrow? Make Like Mama Said: Be Bold


Steel company ArcelorMittal has the trade secret on "transforming tomorrow" (TM). The trick is to be bold.

How do you get bold? Easy: turn "boldness" into an all-purpose euphemism whose outcomes, however suspect, are always appealing. See below.

- Wind+Boldness=Watts.
- Journey+Boldness=Safety. Although I'm sure MADD would heartily disagree.
- Chores+Boldness=Pleasure. And hey. Those snazzy new steel kitchen appliances will look so hawt over your new bamboo hardwood.
- What to do with the old kitchen props? Be bold. Turn them into skyscrapers: End+Boldness=Beginning.

Agency: TBWA\Paris.

by Angela Natividad    May-26-08   Click to Comment   

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a mathematical formula, boldness, and a "revealing" picture-in-picture...

gotta give them some credit for fitting so many bad ad cliches into one ad.

Posted by: Schrodinger's Copywriter on May 27, 2008 8:24 AM

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