Adrants to Re-Design, We Want Your Input

So it's been what, over two years since those cute little bubbles and that martini glass graced the pages of Adrants? Have you had enough? Are you ready to physically stick a pin through your screen hoping those damn bubbles will pop and disappear forever? Down a case of Hendricks gin so there's none left to fill the glass?

Yes, friends, we are going into re-design and, in a stunningly brilliant realization, we figured we'd ask our readers what they think of the current design and content since, you know, you guys do this sort of thing for a living. It's not often every website can ask it's audience for input and have that input come with a bit of expertise as opposed to some other people we're familiar with who can't seem to come up with any other than, "can you make the logo bigger?"

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-08    
Topic: Announcements

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