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Quick! Look! There's Ass on Advertising Age!


The 80-something (?) year old Advertising Age is, apparently, sick of toeing the line, sticking to the straight and narrow and offering up nothing but long-winded dissertations on the business of advertising. Yes, Advertising Age has got its FREAK on and has become cozy with the ass parade that is Cannes.

All week, Advertising Age photographer Sam Faulkner has been filing visual coverage of the annual ad-fest, complete with lingerie-clad ass. Wait? What? Lingerie-clad ass on Advertising Age? Isn't that what Adrants does? Advertising Age couldn't possibly see any merit in what we do over here at Adrants, could they? Jonah? Jonah?

If it's raunch, dirt, filth and seediness you're looking for (the publishable kind, of course), partner with the Adrants crew next year and we'll make Sam's Cannes pictures look like a suburban neighborhood playground on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Oh, and we'll even toss in a bit of real news coverage as well just to, ya know, keep the Crains and Bob Garfield happy.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Media Lion Win Sparks Cannes Controversy


Ah yes, there's at least one every year. A situation in which one agency wins an award for work that was, allegedly, done first by another. It can be labeled sour grapes or a valiant effort to give credit where credit is due. This year's story involves Volvo's Driving Game created by Nitro and Mindshare and MSNBC.com's Newsbreaker Live created by SS+K. A tipster claims the Nitro/Mindshare version is a knock off of the SS+K version with these arguments:

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by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Industry Events

With Help from Nike, Spain Seizes Liverpool


Liverpudlians adopt fragments of Spanish culture in "Turning Spanish," created for Nike by 72andSunny.

They won't be reading any Don Quixote, though.

The spot aspires to cash in on the emotional cachet of Fernando Torres. He's the English Premier League's current It Guy. And while I guess it's funny to hear some 'Pud go "Gracias, mate!", the whole thing felt like a really long "Sorry ... you had to be there"-type story.

In this case, I think you have to be from Liverpool.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity, Commercials, Television

Armor All Plays Hot or Not with Champion Racecars


Need a brainless diversion? Visit Choose the Champion.

Think fast: two cars pitted against each other. Who wins? Your click makes a winner. Questioning your value? Track your progress. Feeling aggressive? Upload your own car shot. Need a friend? There's a message board, too.

The whole thing is one big fat promotion for Armor All, brought to you by the immortal folks at Clorox.

Coupons available here.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Brands, Games, Online, Promotions

Don't Drink Or Else You'll Pee, Puke and Fight in Public


Though we are certain we saw this weeks ago, that doesn't appear to be the case. Calling attention to the plight of binge drinking. the UK's Home Office has launched a new commercial targeting 18-25 year olds which somehow relates to high fashion models peeing, puking and fighting on the runway.

The UK leads all other countries in the European Union for heavy alcohol consumption. A recent study found 40 percent of 18-25 year olds binge drink on a regular basis. The commercial is part of a broader campaign created by VCCP.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Good, Video

Will Smith's (Han) Cock Makes London Premiere


When you're up on scaffolding dealing with the details of erecting a billboard, it pays to occasionally step back and view the big picture. In this case, the giant "cock" lording over those attending the Will Smith Hancock movie premiere last night in London's Leicester Square.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

Corbis Opens Museum, Boobs Rule, Strawberry Frogs Home Office


- Corbis has announced the opening of its Museum of arts for the Arts where all things photography, paint and music will be celebrated.

- The Amsterdam office of StrawberryFrog has severed ties with the parent company and will now go it alone, rebranding itself as Amsterdam Worldwide. Odd. Name your agency after a city? Oh wait. Not half as odd as naming your agency after a...strawberry frog.

- Hmm. Just goes to prove all men look at are boobs.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Agencies

Hooray for You: Splashcast Turns Virals into Ad Platforms


Splashcast just launched HotSpot, which enables advertisers to tag objects in published videos.

When users click on the highlighted items, they're exposed to an ad and a link to purchase.

Splashcast told us the highlighting process is subtle so video viewers don't get irritated, but from what I can tell it's about as subtle as Facebook's photo-tagging feature.

Contact Splashcast directly if this -- and the possible backlash -- is something you want to play around with.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Campaigns, Online, Product Placement

Boston's Twitterati Geek Out With Gary Vaynerchuck At Live Thunder Show


Last night at the Commonwealth Hotel in Boston, wine guru Gary Vaynerchuck hosted his WLTV Thunder Show in front of a live audience eager to drink in his wine expertise. The room was packed with geekerati busily multitasking between Twitter, their camera phones and, occasionally, each other. As always, Gary wowed the crowd with wit, humor and stellar wine expertise.

And Gary got a warm welcome from host Dmitri Gunn who replaced Gary V's Jets spittoon with one branded with the Patriots logo. Hilarity ensued.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Events

Don't Just Love Obama as He Is. Love Him as He Was


Look, look: It's Obama's first General Election spot, courtesy of AgencySpy and Tribble. I'm guessing much of the footage came straight out of his wedding video collage, because there are a ton of baby pictures in that bad-boy. See Obama at left, all James Deaned-out.

The video's a rehash of his values and how he proposes to graft them onto the US of A. It's an old story, but there's just something about the guy. He's magnetic. He's ... witchcraft.

Impulse donations go here.

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