'Music is' a Fusion of Good Beats, Pretty Sights and Heartstrings


To promote its all-music TV network, Fuse.tv launched "Music Is," a $15 million ad campaign that taps into emotional connections with music.

The tagline ("Get your music on") is pretty lame but the the videos are good. Haven't seen any bad ones but I'm partial to Soulmates, probably because Lamp Chop died before I could grow out of his show.

Videos below.

o Music is Soulmates, directed by Friends with You.

o Music is Adrenaline, directed by David Lobser.


o Music is a Balloon, directed by Pistachios.

o Music is Time Travel, directed by Nanospore.

o Music is Therapy, directed by Cisma.

o Music is Joy, directed by Holbrooks.

All films were produced by Blacklist. Read more about them. (The only setback: where's the jazz?)

Kinda reminds me of Gap's Sound of Color, which was also quite good but apparently poorly received.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-19-08   Click to Comment   
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