Note to Chicago ad:tech Sponsors, Exhibitors: Have Better Parties


Dear ad:tech Chicago Sponsoring Companies and exhibitors,

Year after year, thousands of people go to ad:tech conferences in New York, San Francisco and Miami and year after year they are treated to booty-shaking parties that satisfy that certain urge to just get stupid and dance your ass off. But, sadly, when they go to Chicago for an ad:tech conference, they are repeatedly subjected to little more than Fulton's and the Rock Bottom roof top bar year...after year...after year...after...well, you get the point.

There's only been one year in recent history a party was held at a place where one could actually dance and avoid speaking with sales reps who can't even turn off their spiel even after six beers. A sales pitch from some dude who's had six beers is no fun at all. Dancing with a dude (or a lady) who's had six beers is an entirely different - and preferable - experience. After all, daytime is for business. Nighttime is for fun.

So can some company or companies please, please step up to the plate and break the mold? Can we please retire Fulton's and Rock Bottom this year? Please? Chicago is a big city. No doubt there are more than two bars at which to hold events. Can we expand our thinking bit here?

And while we're on the topic of parties, the Chicago conference, much like the Miami conference, is a two day affair. Miami has two nights of parties but year after year, Chicago can motivate itself for just one. What's up with that?

A sizable portion of Chicago ad:tech conference attendees are from Chicago so it's not like they have to hop on a plane and immediately leave at the end off the second day. They, no doubt, would be more than happy to party a second night...if only someone would offer them the chance. Hey, Miami does it and that show is half the size of the Chicago show...and attendees come from all over the world. So Chicago, are you going to let Miami one-up you on the party front?

UPDATE: Rock on, Chicago ad:tech peeps. Party is on! See comments!

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-08   Click to Comment   
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ad:tech Chicago Party at Enclave!

Fultonís and Rockbottom have been retired. ad:tech and CIMA have joined together to launch a true ad:tech-style dance fest. More details to come, but you heard it here first. Now, as Steve says, come on Sponsors, be the star of this event! Contact for information on sponsoring.
-shelli, ad:tech

Posted by: Shelli Winter on June 23, 2008 4:21 PM

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