Where Sharp TVs Lack Sex Appeal, They Compensate in Enchanted Cardboard


So you've got a line of HDTVs. Yeah, well, so do all your rivals, and LG stole the promotional bacon with its campy-as-shit Scarlet campaign. How do you compete with the TV that compared itself to a red dress?

If you're Sharp, you'll promote the box.

Check out the Life Changing Box by Lowe Worldwide. Give each icon a poke to get something new out of the square brown wonder. The site loads slow as hell, but the results are, I don't know, educational. (Click on the beaker for a cartoon about the birth of LCD. Niftaaay.)

My favourite was probably the pitching machine game, which you can access by pushing the baseball bat. Drop one of six random objects into a machine to see what happens when a batter hits it.

Infuriating laggage aside, this is a straightforward and playful way to promote Sharp's HDTVs, company history and ties to baseball -- which is far more interesting when you can lob koosh balls and glass at a batter. Plus, the audio/visual effects are pretty tasty.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-15-08   Click to Comment   
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OK, help me understand why Sharp is using the "box" metaphor to sell "flat" and "thin" TVs?

Have these cats lost there effing mind? The old "box" TV is what consumers DON'T WANT.

Clearly the boys at Lowe have been toking a little too hard on the bong.

Eric Shun

Posted by: Eric Shun on July 18, 2008 6:08 PM

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