Late Summer Brings More Mischief. Yes, Another Party!


It's time for August's Mischief Party. If you recall, it's a monthly series of summer parties Adrants is helping promote and...hold your breath...will attend when the September party occurs during Advertising Week. Yes, we can be a bit aloof here around Adrants but we do actually leave the office once in a while and mix with the industry we are so fond of taunting.

The parties are hosted by Fuel Industries' Sean MacPhedran, Oddcasts's Emily Twomey and Desedo's Michael Hastings. So far there have been parties at the nightclub-sized apartment of Oddcast's President and the Grace Hotel Pool.

The August party will be held this Wednesday, August 27, atop 305 Second Avenue and Butternuts beer will flow freely. RSVP here. Help maintain the industry's party-like atmosphere. We can't let the general public in on the secret we actually work as opposed to leading the Mad Men-like life they see each week on AMC.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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