Misty-Eyed Campaign Hypes Big Ten Conference


After viewing these commercials hyping The Big Ten Conference, one is led to believe the great American sport of football is running scared fearing of the "real" game of football everyone else in the world plays could jeopardize the sport. A drive by any field in any town in America reinforces that fear to some degree. It seems every kid in every town across the country is playing soccer. Well, maybe not in Texas but everywhere else, it seems.

Could soccer - called football everywhere else in the world - ever come close to unseating American football? Not likely but a drive by all those fields makes one wonder once in a while.

Does the Big Ten really need to promote itself so much they need to resort of Monster.com-style "when I grow up" commercials? Maybe so. The spots are good. No complaint there. oh what the hell. This is America. Everything is for sale. Everything needs a good promotional kick in the ass to shift people's behaviors and viewpoints. Why not a campiagn that hypes a football conference?

See all the spots here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Good   

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