TNT Raises Toll Booth Bar on Labor Day


So Labor Day weekend is upon us here in the States. It's the time when we're supposed to remember, uh ... what was it? Oh yeah, laborers.

Labor Day originated in 1882, when the Central Labor Union of New York City aimed to create a day off for working citizens. It became an federal holiday in 1894.

Today, we mostly treat the holiday as another excuse to get in our cars, sit in traffic and scream at fellow citizens in an attempt to make our way to islands, beaches or mountainous regions to squeeze out that last ounce of summer before autumn slaps us in the face with colder weather, back to school insanity and, usually, a heavier workload.

So it's kind of refreshing that TNT is helping lift a bit of the Labor Day weekend blues by opening highway tolls for two hours in four metropolitan areas. The network will provide two hours of free toll access at certain locations in Atlanta, Orlando, Philadelphia and Chicago.

This is part of a promotion for Steven Bocho's drama Raising the Bar, which premiers on September 1 (Labor Day!), at 10PM on TNT.

While Steven Bocho's work hasn't exactly been stellar since, oh, Hill Street Blues (Cop Rock, anyone?), this campaign is one of the more relevant promotional tie-ins we've seen in awhile.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-08   Click to Comment   
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