Oats Lost, Fringe Lacks Luster, Cartoons on AdSense


- StopandVote.org launched today. Produced by 10 college interns at Concept Farm, the site urges users to craft political messages for dissemination. See it put the stops on knee-jerk topics like religion (represented by Jesus), sex, abortion, 9/11, McCain and Obama.

- The premier of Fox's Fringe underwhelmed expectant viewers, but media buyers are infatuated by it. Here's to hoping one of those groups has an epiphany by the second ep.

- Quaker Oats drops Element 79, following in the footsteps of sibling brands Gatorade, Tostitos, Lays, Tropicana and Propel. Combined losses to Element 79 total $440 million.

- VBS.TV partnered with the Red Bull Riders Cup for a web series called School of Surf. It feels less like reality TV and more like a documentary and looks surprisingly good.

- A certain "somebodyatdraftfcb" insinuated that George Parker suppresses comments he doesn't like, and the latter is righteously pissed. Like, Sam-L-Jackson-in-Pulp-Fiction pissed.

- "Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy" is now live on sethcomedy.com. Short episodes, and integrated ads, will be disseminated via AdSense. Watch one of the Burger King-sponsored episodes. It's cool how the ads are animated to match the content.

- Non-profit? Intro to Facebook Activism.

- From an email we got: "Find Elliot Spitzers lost invoices here." Outdated joke. The link goes to KFC's Secret Safe, which swallows secrets but won't let you retrieve them. Way to Go, KFC!

by Angela Natividad    Sep-11-08   Click to Comment   

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