Online Game Aids Determination of New Revels Candy Flavor.


When wandering through the aisle of any given grocery store, it's fairly easy to be overcome by the 6 billion types of cereal, 26 versions of Triscuits, 152 brands of potato chips and enough different kinds of ice cream to make one's head explode from brain freeze. So it is with welcome relief Masterfoods' Revels is keeping its flavors to a minimum.

The company does add new flavors but not unless another is seemingly removed. In order to determine which flavor should be removed to make room for the new one, AMV BBDO created Revels Eviction (Resident Extinction overtones, anyone?), a site on which people can choose their least favorite flavor and then choose that flavors method of demise. From sending it aloft tethered to a balloon to booting into the ocean from a golf tee to pulverizing it with a canon, one's least flavor meets its unfortunate demise.

Masterfoods will use the "eviction" data to determine which flavor will be swept aside to make room for a new "mystery flavor." As consumer insight surveys go, this is far better than being accosted by a mall intercept idiot with a clip board who forces you into an on the spot taste test. That's no fun at all. Revels Eviction, on the other hand, is a lot of fun and it gets the company its much needed consumer insight at the same time. That is if people don't play the game over and over and over eliminating all the flavors one at a time.

There's a commercial too

by Steve Hall    Sep- 2-08   Click to Comment   
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