Pop Culture Plugs Macy's in Nostalgia Montage


Part of doing Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years "properly" is reflecting on how they've been done before, a cultural habit that primes everybody for Memory Lane. That's why the holidays are a perfect time to bang out some pop culture nostalgia, wrap a tagline around it and call it an ad.

Under year-old slogan "The Magic of Macy's" (JWT/NY), Macy's cashes in on these sentiments by leveraging its long brand history. Check out this patchwork quilt of "Macy's" mentions in movies and shows like Charlie Brown, Family Guy, Seinfeld, I Love Lucy and Miracle on 34th Street (which I watched every Christmas as a kid!), among others.

Couch classics aren't the only memories blossoming out of the :60 piece, which appeared during the season premier of Desperate Housewives. (High-five on the media buy!) I also recalled other brands that used the same tactic -- and were likely rewarded with the same emotional impact: AmEx's celebrity cardholders, the Emmy Award's mashed-up TV stars, Visa's Olympic tributes, and Apple's "Hello?" montage for iPhone.

But few brands are as old or as significant to consumer life as Macy's has been. Few could compile a generations-spanning collage from direct mentions of their own brand. So here's to an institution in consumer relevance.

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Ah Macys. Still known in Chicagoland as the tacky cut rate store from New York that got killed Marshall Fields, stuck its ugly logo on all the former MF locations and filled them with lousy merchandise. That's the PERCEPTION anyway. Not a native Chicagoan, but I wasn't happy to see a strong local brand die. Let's all go see the Macy's Christmas Windows? I think not...

Posted by: Matt K on September 29, 2008 2:23 PM

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