It's the Skinny on Search and Synergy.


Search and Social Synergy.

At this jewel of an ad:tech session, each panelist lavished the audience with a drop of wisdom from their collective fountains. What follows are my scoopings.

Tips for managing a brand in the new media landscape, courtesy of MTVN's Julie Sun:

  • You've heard the expression "knowledge is power." Well, sound social knowledge can protect a brand. Monitor user-created pages like Wikipedia; see what people say about you, and communicate your point of view. (Avoid the temptation to link-whore, though.)

  • Do research to find out where your users are. (Don't play with Facebook, for example, if your users aren't there.) Given your objectives, ID which space works best for you.

  • Support your online social initiatives year-round. (For chrissake, don't take down a subsite just because you stopped running TV ads for it. What makes the web cool is its ability to keep ads going long after the money stops. KEEP THE SITE UP. DON'T DELETE THOSE VIDEOS, EITHER.)

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by Angela Natividad    Nov- 9-08    
Topic: Industry Events

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