US Taglines, Dylan's Dirges, Ad Land's Lagerfeld


- Michael Arrington gets spat on at the DLD Conference in Munich, then writes a worthy manifesto about how people's feelings about TechCrunch -- or any publication, really -- shouldn't evolve into a threat to the safety of editors and those they love.

- The Electronic Frontier Foundation isn't keen on hosting YouTube vids.

- Ethical banking/retail firm Co-operative Group received licensing rights to use Bob Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind, a '60s-era antiestablishment song, in an ad. It breaks next week.

- Most awful Super Bowl video in history.

- Ad Land's Karl Lagerfeld.

- Right vs. wrong in social media.

- Taglines for the US of A.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-29-09   Click to Comment   

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