Early Results of (Unpaid, Mind You) Twitter Ads


Cheers to Loren Brichter of Atebits.com for returning an email requesting information on the early results of the ads that began running on Twitter this week.

With regard to the unpaid ads Twitter has featured on behalf of iPhone app Tweetie, Brichter wasn't able to divulge specific metrics or conversion rates but he did share, "I will say that Tweetie had its best-ever day of sales on Tuesday (the day after the text links went live)."

Considering the sheer volume of traffic Twitter is capable of directing, and considering that firehose was aimed at just three third-party sites, this is hardly surprising.

However, Brichter continued, "It's also jumped up to the #11 paid app on the [Apple iPhone] App Store."

Today, Tweetie is the #1 paid app in the App Store's Social Networking Category and the #10 paid app overall.

At $2.99 a pop, we can imagine that Brichter et al. are fairly pleased. And with ads running at the low, low price of free, we can't shake a stick at that ROI.

by Jolie O'Dell    Mar-26-09   Click to Comment   
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Hi Jolie,

You are absolutely hitting the target regarding the reach of twitter. We too have similar experience with twitter. We got an increase of about 40% client requests after we (www.SalesOnlineWorld.com) joined twitter.

After all, they too need a revenue model to get back what they have invested for.

Thanks for the post!

Posted by: Dax Turner on March 27, 2009 3:06 AM

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Posted by: hej13 on April 29, 2009 6:36 PM

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