Pizza Hut Looks for Twintern/Miracle Worker--So Should Others.

Whether it's coincidence that they advertised for this position after Domino's recent troubles or not, Pizza Hut is now looking for a Twintern. (Awwww. Cute.) Interested? Details here. It's the same thing when an agency posts an ad for a junior and the job "requirements" include everything under the sun--for minimum wage. Here's what they expect:

* Collect and share insights and experiences while working for Pizza Hut through social and interactive media: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, New and emerging media
* Twintern will be given unprecedented access to marketing meetings, brainstorm sessions, ad shoots and special events
* Monitor social media for pop culture news, off-the-wall stories or anything else quirky and fun that he or she thinks would be of interest to loyal Pizza Hut fans.
* Chronicle experience through video; edit and post to selected media
* Conduct media outreach for PR programs
* Assist with execution of national PR programs

And they're only there for three months.

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by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    

Because Advertising Never Happens In Kansas.

As tipster Zeke suggested, asking ad people if they know cool strikes me as a good hook. I agree. So what's the problem I have with Little Black Book, a city and resources guide for creative folk? It only hits the same old international metro locations like London, NYC, Toronto, and so on. Maybe it's due to the ad royalty behind it, but really, not even San Fran or LA? Telling that there's no mobile feature? Well, that's the main problem. The other is that the Flash is real slow.

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by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    

Nestea Is Liquid Awesomeness. No, It Is, Really.

"Witness what happens when the awesome power of Nestea collides with the local bowling alley. Get ready for mayhem, hilarity, and just a hint of comical destruction." So says the YouTube description for this real fake viral [post-jump]. "dumb. bad attempt at viral nestea. I like the drink though. You don't need an idiot fake bowling. If that were a real bowling ball, that's what would've made it viral."

So says a comment there.

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by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    
Topic: Viral

Big Parties, Small Parties, Dinners Add to ad:tech Experience


If one could identify a trend in parties at this year's ad:tech in San Francisco, it would be this; more, smaller and no open bar. It all makes perfect sense in a "down economy." Excepting a couple of parties, most were small events held at small venues with limited or no open bar. That didn't seem to stop people from having fun though this year.


As early as Monday night, the eve of ad:tech, Glam Interactive held a small event atop the Clift Hotel in the Spanish Suite. From 7P-9P, members and guests mixed and mingled before the general ad:tech crowed began to glow in. While it was open to all, it never really got all that busy.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-23-09    
Topic: Industry Events

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Mercedes-Benz Drives Out of This World.

What else to say, this Little Fluffy Clouds spot for Mercedes-Benz is slick as hell.
by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    
Topic: Television

Why Pharma Sucks.

Regular readers of my blog know the special place I hold in my heart for the pharma side of advertising. Any category has good and bad work in it, but the limits placed on pharma by the government affect the look and feel like nothing else. All pharmaseutra brainstorms usually end up in an orgy of medaphors: "Can't say power, but we can say strength. No, can't say strength, but we can say long-lasting. NO? Damn. Okay, what about mild. Can we say mild? No, (Brand X) owns that. SHIT." And so on.

The fair balance info that needs to accompany ads is worse than anything you'll find in financial or automotive work, but more importantly, the government watches over how things are worded and what you can claim. This is so you are not duped in :30 seconds into making a life or death choice. Ironically, what FB doesn't protect consumers from is the real stuff that matters: Product recalls or misleading ads by brands like Yaz.

No, today it really sucks because this Viagra spot in Canada from Taxi and The Perlorian Brothers shows how good pharma work could be if we would just lose all the legal requirements.

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by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    
Topic: Television

Always Have Your Hockey Dance Ready.

Just because Adrants is Boston-based, doesn't mean we're rubbing it in or anything. But why not celebrate today with a little old time hockey dance and our new favorite character, yah! If you're a Canadiens fan, you can't bear to watch though. GET IT? Funny, eh! Post-jump bear freaks.

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by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    

German brothels, Microbooking, Canadians Who Shave and Stay Off Twitter

- George Parker on German Brothels in hard times like these.

- Microbooking is the new...?

- Social media IS like sex. (For the record, I don't pay for social media.)

- Microsoft blowing up on campus like Google used to.

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by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    

Peugeot's Nearly Nude Scarf Party!

Who wants new car feature esoteric metaphor? I DO, I DO! So the nudeless were hired to go out and prance around in London to show how their blue scarves are representative of the effect you get with the new Peugeot 308 Coupe Cabriolet: "The innovative Neck Airwave Heating System diffuses warm air through the head rests, protecting the head and neck from the cold." Get all that? It keeps you compfy like a scarf--on a summer day. Watch the nearly nude in action here and on (Although click that image for the best part, the model in the front row probably on Twitter: "Fuck sake. On another promotion shoot. Headed to the tube to dance now.") Um, and what is the use of that CHIPS soundtrack?
by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    
Topic: Guerilla, Specialty

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