Art Directors Club Calls The Young Ones


Are you a young creative trying to make a name for yourself in the business? Though we have no idea why you'd want to enter a business that's in such turmoil, it is our duty to share with you an opportunity that just might set you on the path to become the next Alex Bogusky. Or, more pessimistically, a frustrated former ad guy who currently has nothing better to do than bitch about advertising on an ad blog that's getting killed by the economy while he attempts to maintain some semblance of order as his world crumbles around him.

OK, that was dark. You don't want that. You want optimism! Hope! A bright future! Of course you do. So get off your ass and submit your best work to the Art Director's Club Young Guns creative competition which aims to "identify today's vanguard of young creative professionals." And do it soon because the early bird deadline is fast approaching; tax day April 15. Regular dealine is May 13. Get all the details here.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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