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Never Date Outside the Division.

New series of spots out by Mullen for the Bruins. A bear mascot throwing down never gets old. Never. Maybe you were stupid and tucked your jersey in. Bad move. Or perhaps you're a fan who talks too much on their cell. Another bad move.
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Television

In a Crappy Ad Economy, Innovation is Key


During the ad:tech San Francisco Keynote Roundtable "Innovate or Die! Great Brands in the Age of Disruption," Nielsen Online EVP of Digital Strategic Services led a panel which focused on the need for brands to innovate as they move forward. Panelist Eric Feng, Senior VP of Audience and CTO, Hulu noted true innovation can come after a product is released and the end user feedback - which is now a real-time waterfall thanks to social media - is analyzed and put to use for future product releases.

Part of the discussion centered on where innovation originates and how that location can affect it. For example, in the U.S., innovation is built on years of previous product generations versus China where there is a lot of generation skipping. Legacy is not always part of the equation. Because of this, foreign markets are sometimes a better place to innovate because there's less legacy and less baggage.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Trends and Culture

ad:tech: Jimmy 'Jimmidee' Wales, Post Keynote


Shortly after his keynote at ad:tech San Francisco -- and David Spark's timely pre-talk grab -- founder Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia sat down with me to talk shop.

Expect to hear his dish on where consumer generated media is now and why brands should dive in (as well as where). We also talked about what-in-hell happened with Wikia, why branding's underrated, and what keeps Wikipedia afloat. (It ain't advertising.)

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by Angela Natividad    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Events, Industry Events, Opinion

Vivo Shoes Loves Ebony & Ivory.

Side by side on my feet(s) in this new clip. According to their YouTube page, "Terra Plana's VivoBarefoot is a revolutionary, back-to-basics design based on the simple principle that being barefoot is the healthiest way for you and your feet to be." Or perhaps after watching, your mind went to a bad place like mine and thought, hey, look at the gangrene on those toes. But, because I'm feeling the love today, I'll err on the side of awwwww, that's kinda cute. (But, like, a 52-48% awwwww, not a landslide awwwww.)
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    

Tribeca Film Festival Celebrates NYC with Gabardine Flashers.

Give him a break ladies, it's cold out. To promote the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, Ogilvy came up with this spot showing the fun you can have with the locals in NYC. This year's festival opens on Wednesday April 22 and runs through Sunday May 3, 2009. Say hi to Bobby if you see him.
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Announcements

In An Absolute World, Earth Wouldn't Need Help From Absolute.

Please, this Earth Day, be kind to the planet, and please, when viewing this short, be kind. SNL's Michaela Watkins plays a low budget Mother Nature in the fight between man and, um, nature.
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Announcements, Specialty

Almost 100 Days In, Do You Still Have Hope?

Well, you wanted Hope, you got it. I noticed when Steve asked me to fill in this week that the last time I was here was in November during the elections. Hope was in the air! Whoo-hoo! I ran a poll to test the waters, and the results showed overwhelmingly that Obama was going to win! He did! Whoo-hoo!

It's more than a relevant topic to revisit now though. This industry practically helped get him elected. All anyone on ad and marketing blogs or in agencies could talk about was Obama, or the difference between the two candidates and their "brilliant/not brilliant" use of social media and how Obama was going to be the change we needed. A case study in how to use the internet. Whoo-hoo!

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by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    

But Wait, There's More...

- Is your company this clueless?

- Even the Yakuza are looking for work.

- Design LG's next cell phone, take home 20 large.

- The Saturn experience--ask for it by name!

- While you're at it, add Old Navy, Chrysler and Palm to the list of brands with a short future.

by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Research, Trends and Culture

Madonna's Not the Only One with Adoption Troubles.

Score one more for ad creep. You know those small blue adoption signs off to the right shoulder on almost any major highway? Well, get used to them because they're not going anywhere. While driving through CT recently, I noticed an outdoor sign for the Luv Boutique. No big deal, except that I saw an adoption sign for the same place. Pick anything, a cause, a celebrity, a drug, anything, and chances are there's now a group willing to adopt asphalt in support of it. Socialists, libraries, geocachers, gay and lesbian community services, a guy named Jonathan, men in crisis and of course, these people. Although, it's not a bad idea. Tailor social media sites to relevant areas? Score! "This next stretch of barren road, devoid of people and real interaction is sponsored by Twitter."
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    

A High School Sports Series That Doesn't Involve Nike?

Now it's New Balance that's doing the web series thing with Season in the Balance. (I'm saying that a lot lately. Web series is the new last year's YouTube contest?) Anyway, nice series about a high school lacrosse team, (The Canandaigua Braves), that were given $60,000 worth of gear and then followed around and recorded. (See clip after the jump.) Production quality is as good if not better than the usual reality fare. Props to Momentum Worldwide and Tangerine Films. No cell phone quality footage of cafeteria fights. (Maybe on the DVD extras.) Think Friday Night Lights with lacrosse sticks.

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by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    

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