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Six Freaks Under.

Normally, sustainable environments are important parts of the fragile... you know what? This zig Be the Root campaign is approaching 8,000 rpm on the wtf? tach and I have no angle on it. Evergreen, the non-profit organization devoted to improving the livability of urban environments in Canada has a series of posters out showing how people die happy so that trees may live on. (Yes, there's only three pieces in the series, but Three Freaks Under doesn't have the same ring.) Compellingly creepy might just sum them up though. Lady and man versions here. Creepy or not, it worked. When's the last time you cared let alone noticed a campaign about sustainable environments that are important parts of the fragile....
by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    

Because Advertising Has Lots of Great Jobs.

No, it does. Says so right here: "This is going to be a great event with tons of job opportunities for advertising professionals." PR optimism aside, there's going to be a Diversity in Advertising Career Day in NYC this Wednesday, April 22nd. More details here, but scheduled agencies showing up at this free event are: Arnold Worldwide, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, BBDO New York, Energy BBDO (Chicago), Cablevision, Carol H. Williams Advertising, Draftfcb, Draftfcb Healthcare, Edelman, G2 (G2 Branding & Design, G2 Direct & Digital, G2 Interactive, G2 Promotional Marketing), GLOBALHUE, Grey New York, GroupM (MAXUS, MediaCom, mediaedge:cia, Mindshare), Initiative, JWT, MARC USA, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, McGarry Bowen, MPG, Starcom MediaVest, Team Detroit and Wieden + Kennedy.
Hopefully diversity includes rabbits too. Just sayin.


by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    
Topic: Announcements

It's Metter To Bix Things Up.

Innit? From BBH and Gorgeous in the UK comes a nice little twist on a beverage spot for J20 below. Hey, don't hate. They don't all have to be home runs; getting on base is okay sometimes too. (Geesh. It's like you people always want epic Guinness domino action or something.)

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by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    
Topic: Television

Monday Means More Madness From Meat Puppet Minds.

Did you expect less from Diesel? I know you didn't. The latest launch work from Legs channels everyone from David Lynch to Led Zep for Diesel's new scent Only the Brave, (with accompanying site isbrave.com). According to the background on the project, there were three themes of "Heart," "Mind" and "Nerve" as described by Legs: "Although all the films stand alone in their own way, the real magic appears when the films are played as a triptych. The triptych was always the main idea and we knew that the Heart and Nerve stories would serve as visual punctuation for what the center Mind piece was saying. It made a lot of sense to us that the Mind piece would be the conduit and narrate the whole piece, while Nerve and Heart served more as visual poems."

Actually, that would be fairly lucid for David lynch. Yeah, this is more like the David I know.

by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    
Topic: Specialty

Trojan Stimulates Your Economy.

When the going gets tough, the tough get the Bonus Pack. In times like these, it's good to know Trojan is right there behind you with a stimulus package you can count on. (Yes, the spot below actually ran. HARD to believe.) I smell a new series though. Because we're in a global economic crisis, they can just swap out the American flag and voiceover in favor of flags and animals for other countries: Venezuela and the Turpial, Greece and a dolphin, or The Bahamas and an Orca. Wait, okay, how can an island chain the size of a garage in Texas have a whale while we get a bird.

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by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    
Topic: Television

Contextual madness.

"Hey I know, let's run the Lance ad here." Ouch. Sorry Lance, guess it's really gonna be hard to escape the rumors, especially with placements like this. (Click image for contextual fun.) Remember, send in your contextual finds. Screen grab before you click.
by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    

Wear Your Fail.

It was only a matter of time. The Fail Whale jewelery collection. Blogger slash fashion slave Lori Magno has come out with a way to wear your fail proudly. That's right. They may not be able to monetize Twitter, but you can now monetize Failure. The whale and bird are made of .999 Fine Silver and pure, mad love. (She'll also put your Twitter handle on at no extra charge and throw in FREE shipping. I said FREE. Oprah and THE_REAL_SHAQ, you BETTER order.)
by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    
Topic: Consumer Created

Oprah Will Kill Twitter, right?

Okay, since signing on last week, she has 368,000+ followers. No really, in one day I'm watching her follow count go up literally 20,000 every 4-5 hours. Thing is, when she and all those Mommy Bloggers™ get bored and leave Twitter like Texas leaving the Union, will there be a disturbance in the internet's social media bmi? There could be as they all head to Plurck. How long before she realizes how much of a PITA it is actually is to update and turns it into a "Will Tweet For Oprah!" or "Win a chance to get @ed by Oprah!" daily contest.

So when does Oprah kill Twitter. Before the 4th of July? Labor Day? (By the way, is it proper netiquette to kill a social net after Labor Day?) Vote below adranters.

When Will Oprah Kill Twitter?
Free polls from Pollhost.com

by Bill Green    Apr-20-09    
Topic: Celebrity, Social

Another One of Those 'Green is the New Black!!!1' Things.


There's a lot you can say about becoming more eco-conscious: that it's responsible, forward-thinking and personally/socially fulfilling, for example.

But in a spot called "Good Green," the Sundance Channel takes the go-green hype and staples on a passel of adjectives that ring both hollow and wince-worthy: sexy, trippy, fierce.

Confusingly, there's also a shot of Isabella Rossellini flirtatiously hugging a giant lobster.

WOW. Thanks for all the abstraction, BIGSMACKtv. We're definitely feeling the backhand.

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by Angela Natividad    Apr-17-09    
Topic: Commercials, Promotions, Strange, Television

Mastercard Trots Priceless 'Icons' Back onto the Stage


"Icons," a McCann-Erickson/NY spot that aired during the '05 Super Bowl, is a fond standby of Mastercard's "Priceless" campaign.

Prep for serious warm-fuzzy syndrome: it's composed of brand mascots -- Count Chocula, the Vlasic stork, Jolly Green Giant, Pillsbury Doughboy -- having Soul Food-style dinner as Mr. Clean slaves merrily over the sink. Some of the icons weren't even animated for TV prior to this. (Thank Calabash for bringing them to life.)

Too much good stuff. There's even some illicit Facebooky pokeage between Doughboy and Morton Salt girl. Scandale!

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