Cree Lures Beautiful People Out of Fluorescent-Bathed Purgatory


Cree taps into the desolation that comes with spending most of your life under office light, which has a special way of making everything look aggressively bland: an atmosphere that first suppresses you before driving you to violent insanity.

To a melancholy melody, casualties of cogdom are depicted in a languishing state, broken by words whose candidness, whose charm, coincide perfectly with an uplifting chorus: "There's so much beauty in the world. Just not in your office."

This explosion of optimism seems almost obscene compared to the imagery preceding it. In gradual measure, people shake out of stagnation and quietly, but defiantly, demand a change in stat quo, making way for the tagline, "Cree: Lighting the LED Revolution."

Nice work by Shelton Group. Has a bit of the "1984" feel to it. Not sure how the "buy LED lighting!" part fits in, but that's probably just secondary to the feeling of comradeship Cree hopes to generate among those suffering from monitor pallor.

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