Las Vegas Ad Confuzzles. Still Shows Lots of Skin Though


As David Gianatasio writes on AdFreak, faux-newscasts do, indeed, trivialize the profession but, as always, they do provide lazy creatives an easy out when there's no energy left to come up with anything new. In this "What Happen Here, Stays Here" Las Vegas commercial, we are told by Candace Newman "the water's nice but no one's getting in" and "these cabanas are yet another troubling sign of the times."

Sadly, it's all very true. Las Vegas is hurting in a big way. But rather than sending an entire town to the city as part of a crazy marketing stunt (oh wait, they did that already), they are embracing economic reality and having fun with it.

While we might be led to believe Mirage's Bare is bare, as Newman finishes her report, strips off her jacket and the camera pans left to a pool full of party people, it seems Las Vegas is doing just fine.

But wait a minute. The commercial's scenario makes no sense. Is Las Vegas doing well or isn't it? Who, exactly are these party people? Out of work hotel staff? Unemployed newspaper reporters? Self-appointed social media "gurus" who were never employed in the first place?


Oh, and if you'd like more than a glimpse at the blue bikinied Bare waitresses (or a glimpse at what a real party at Bare looks like), you can see a shot we took of one of them right here (and here and here) and the rest we took here when we were at the Blogworld Techset party last September. While we all weren't wearing swimwear, at least we were having real fun as opposed to the fake, staged fun in this commercial.

And just for fun, make sure you check out Mystery Girl here. Can you guess who she is?

by Steve Hall    May-12-09   Click to Comment   
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