Boston Ad Club to Celebrate History with Reunion Event


On June 22, the Boston Ad Club will host The Ad Club Reunion, an event which hopes to bring together everyone who's had anything to do with the Boston ad scene over the last few decades. Originally the vent was to be held at the TD Banknorth Garden but then there was a small uprising over the ticket price which was, in response to the outcry, slashed to $80. The event was also moved to Cyclorama, a venue that will cost the organization less money.

Minor hiccups aside, The Ad Club is looking for those in the Boston ad community to nominate MVPs, indicate who they would like to see at the event (they'll receive and email invite), nominate superlatives high school prom-style. From Most Frequent Agency Hopper to Most Likely to Lose an Important Account to The Worst Person in Boston to Cross to The Biggest Hair (yes, the eighties rre in play here) to Person You Least Wanted in Your Meeting.

So, Boston ad people, dig back deep in your memory (or to last year if you just joined the business) and see what you can come up with. Then visit the site and help make this event the best reunion you've ever been to.

Here's some of the Boston ad scene's past: Maslow Gold & Rothschild, WZOU, New England Monthly, RIzzo Simmons Cohn, WNEV, Schneider Parker Jakuc, Clarke Goward Fitts, David Lubars, Humphrey Browning MacDougall, New England Advertising Week, Houston, Rossin Greenberg Seronick & Hill, Apollo Computer, Ray Welch, Emerson Lane Fortuna, Filene's, WVBF. Who can add more?

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-09   Click to Comment   
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