Madonna Brings Bunny Ears to (Expensively) Clothed Style Mavens


Louis Vuitton continues its gritty, occasionally nauseating work with Madonna in a fresh effort for AW09.

Supposedly a video's coming out soon, but in the meantime content yourself with this surreal and childlike shot of Madge wearing the same bunny ears she wore to the Met Gala last month. (Guess it's a tribute to the culture that we're jarred by the sight of bunny ears unaccompanied by a bowtie.)

Hollyscoop lists all the reasons why the ad doesn't quite jive. We'll content ourselves with saying both bag and pop icon are too heavy for such a frothy fairy princess treatment, which better serves less bulky labels like Lanvin.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-29-09   Click to Comment   

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