Retro-Style Olympus Camera Gets Retro-Style Treatment


The very (intentionally) retro-looking Olympus PEN received some retro-looking stop motion promotion in a video which highlights the life of a man from the day when the original PEN camera made its debut to this year's reintroduction of the model. We follow him from his grade school days, throughout his entire life and back again to a reunion in front of the school.

The video was created by shooting 60,000 images, printing 9,600 of them and then shooting another 1,800. The music comes from Johannes Stankowski.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-09    
Topic: Good, Video

Pizza Attacks Sidewalks of New York, LA and Philadelphia


Well we didn't see any this morning but maybe you did. The sidewalks of New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia have been covered with 220 applications of 'green graffiti." Green graffiti is applied by placing a stencil (in this case, Dominoes) on the sidewalk and then pressure washing the cut out so the message applied is simply a cleaner version of the area around it. So, no paint, no chalk and no dye. Possibly just a few angry city officials who may end up asking the sanitation department to go out and make the sidewalk messy again.

Of course this being a promotion, there's a contest involved: "The first 250 people to email and submit a photo of them with a Green Graffiti® sidewalk Domino's logo will receive a $15 Domino's gift card, good for a Domino's American Legends pizza."

Have at it.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-09    
Topic: Outdoor

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