We Dare You! Try to Make It to Every Affiliate Summit Party


If you're going to Affiliate Summit next week in New York, you're in for not only a great learning experience but a stellar social experience as well. It seems this particular advertising conference prides itself in having the most possible parties a city can handle in one night. OK, so that's totally not true. New York could handle 3,000 parties on a single night and still have room. But Affiliate Summit still rocks the party scene more than most ad conferences.

For the first time, the Headlines & Heroes gang (Joshua Keller of The Keller Network, organizers of several ad:tech parties) will have a presence at Affiliate Summit Monday night with The Bottom Line party at Touch. Beginning at 9PM and running until 2AM, Touch will be filled with music from DJ Steve Powers and performer Biz Markie. If it's anything like the parties they've held before, this Headlines & Heroes will rock.

Also on Monday night will be parties from AzoogleAds/Epic Advertising at Latitude Bar, LinkShare at Johnny Utah's, Click Progression at Ultra, Leadflash at Dream Hotel, Clickbooth at the Havana Room and Oldtimers at mad46.

On Sunday night, you can take a ride on a boat with the Market Leverage Yacht Party, head to the Empire Hotel for the ShareASale party or down to The Mercury Lounge for the Clam Interactive party.

For more parties, check out co-conference organizer Missy Ward's party post and our party calendar here.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-09    
Topic: Industry Events

Marina Orlova Added to Stable of GoDaddy Girls


If we didn't know GoDaddy was in internet service provider, we'd think founder Bob Parson's was running some sort of modeling agency or, heaven forbid, an online brothel of sorts. But no. GoDaddy is just an ISP with a propensity for hiring hot-looking female spokesmodels.

The latest addition to the crew is Russian model Marina Orlova. Orlova, who's been dubbed the Sexiest Philologist in the World and the World's Sexiest Geek (the LA tech scene might have a thing or two to say about that), will join current GoDaddy Girls Danika Patrick and Candice Michelle.

Marina was selected to be a Go Daddy Girl shortly after her appearances earlier this month on Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons' video blog and weekly radio show, where she was, reportedly, an instant hit.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-09    
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Honda's Choir Becomes Hyundai's Mixfest


OK so Honda did the whole Choir thing which had humans providing the soundtrack for a car commercial. Now we have Hyundai using...um...car sounds to make the soundtrack for a dance mix. What's so special about that? Give it a listen. And oh, there's a social media component to it as well. DJs, music producer or anyone with an inkling of musical ability can download the sounds and make their own mix.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-09    
Topic: Social

GotAdSpace Brings Ad Power to the People


Well, stranger things have been tried...and worked. Modeling itself after eBay, GotAdSpace has launched and aims to be the middleman (apparently instead of ad agencies and sales rep forms) between advertisers and...the general public. Yes, the site aims to make it possible for people to sell ad space on whatever it is they have...to anyone who wishes to buy it.

Yes, exchanges like this have been around forever but it seems this one wants to make it possible for the average Joe to get into advertising and make some money. It's not so far fetched. With people becoming more aware of advertising, using it on their blogs, podcasts and pages to make a few bucks as well as the rise of social media and pay per post-style ad models, everyone's getting in on the ad game.

Why not a network to make it easier?

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-09    
Topic: Tools

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Newsflash! Rogue Potatoes Grow in Subway Tunnel!


Yup. Those are potatoes growing out of the ceiling of Chicago's Jackson Tunnel. Lay's Potato Chips, with help from BBDO's Juniper Park, created the installation. The unit was developed as part of Lay's "Closer Than You Think" campaign which supports local farmers. An accompanying billboard on the sides of the tunnel reads, "Our potatoes are grown closer than you think."

We are told the campaign was created to show consumers that Lay's potatoes come from American farms and, likely, a local farm.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-09    
Topic: Outdoor

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