Affiliate Summit Takes on New York


Beginning Sunday, Affiliate Summit will take over the New York Hilton along with a collection of clubs and bars over a three day period for its biannual conference which focuses on, no surprise, affiliate marketing. Think Amazon book links. Then add an injection of steroids and 3,638 derivations and you have the multi-billion dollar market it has become today.

You can check out the conference content here. You can read the blogs of conference organizers (and practicing affiliates) Shawn Collins here and Missy Ward here. You can check out the party schedule here. And, well, you can read out coverage here on Adrants as it happens.

And you can check out coverage of Affiliate Summit West which was held in Las Vegas this past January

by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-09    
Topic: Industry Events

World's Largest (Fake) Water Slide Hypes Microsoft Project


Smack atop the category No Fucking Way comes this video of Austrian engineer Bruno Kammerl tearing down the "world's largest water slide," catching serious air and then making an impossibly perfect landing in a small blow up swimming pool.

And yea, it's sponsored, of course. By Microsoft Project.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-09    
Topic: Brands, Video

Your Country Get Slammed by Another? Make A Video Of Course


So apparently a Japanese couple went to Italy and were treated poorly. They subsequently trashed the country as a tourist destination. Understanding the potential tourism loss from a country the size of Japan, they turned on the Italian charm and begged the Japanese to Please Don't Go.

Or it's just another marketing ploy. Either way, three's the ubiquitous Facebook group so the Japanese and the Italians can get it on virtually and repair their differences.

TBWA\Italia and (nope, we're not gonna say it) are to thank for this.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-09    

Verizon Visits Adrants Office


You just never know when you're going to run into a Verizon Street Team. While busy trying to get back into the swing of things today, we noticed several red-shirted types walking on the sidewalk outside our "office." We're like "Oh wait, we write about adverting and it's happening right in front of our eyes."

So we grabbed the trusty camera and headed out to the sidewalk. After listening to the obligatory FiOS pitch, we informed the pleasant gentleman we wouldn't be in town much longer and wouldn't need Verizon's services...except, of course for our phone which...we won't need much longer either since we're getting an iPhone and *have* to switch to AT&T. That is until Verizon supports the phone and we immediately switch back.

Wow, all that verbiage just to wrap around a picture of a Verizon Street Team. At least they didn't have a Verizon Dumb Dad characature lurking about trying to explain how FiOS can help with this cool new thing called the internet.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-09    
Topic: Outdoor

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