We Just Love it Because of The Extra Seats


Cute dancing fingers and all, but Amtrak and Metro North riders will be drooling over the extra seats in this Publicis London spot for Hula Hoops. Okay, so maybe you have to hit Hostel country in Europe for that kind of ride. Check it out below...

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by Bill Green    Aug-10-09    
Topic: Commercials

Lights, Camera, Advertising


A few new docs out on the business...

First up, Art & Copy looks at... advertising. I haven't seen it yet but it's produced in conjunction with the One Show. From what I can tell by the trailer, it looks like it covers the usual topics and players relative to the business. (What, no George Parker?)

Next up is Marc Colucci's Lemonade, a look at people who were fired from agency jobs and who have now found new directions in life. Yea new things in life! It's an extension of the Please Feed The Animals blog. (Via AdPulp.)

Another older but still relevant look at the business is PBS' The Persuaders. Watch the whole thing online for free.

Add them to the cue kids.

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by Bill Green    Aug-10-09    
Topic: Creative Commentary, Trends and Culture, Video

Keyword Gayness, NBC Must-Fire TV and Verizon's Crop Art

- Keywords gone wild!

- NBC = Next Big Cutback?

- Digital writers wanted. Earn while you churn!

- Can you see me from space now?

by Bill Green    Aug-10-09    
Topic: Campaigns, Political, Social, Specialty, Strange

Because Hispanic Men Love Downy Too


No, they do, I've seen it. As the release goes:

"The spots were created by full-service Hispanic marketing communications agency, Wing. In an effort to bring Downy Ultra's long-lasting scent properties to life, Wing developed and created a funny :30 spot, "Lavadero" or "Laundry" starring two Latino men in a laundromat. What takes place shows that Latino men buy Downy too, and can appreciate a lasting scent experience! The spots began airing last week on Telemundo, LATV and KMPX (Dallas)."

See, I knew there was something about Hispanic men who liked Downy. They're different than you and me. They appreciate a good joke and a good whiff. Smell for yourself after the jump...

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by Bill Green    Aug-10-09    
Topic: Commercials

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Google Runs the Universe, But You Knew That


Top brands for this year? Millward Brown's top BrandZ of 2009 has Google at number one--and Marlboro at number 10. Talk about branding! (Via.)

by Bill Green    Aug-10-09    
Topic: Announcements, Best

Chunky The Dog on Twitter? Sign Us Up!


Slow news day--don't hate. Chewed Slippers is the winning selection by Chunky in this contest to pick a website name from UK shop Nonsense. Check out the little fella after the jump. Whatever leg he humps? Winner! He even blogs and Twitters too.

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by Bill Green    Aug-10-09    
Topic: Campaigns

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