I swear AdRants gets the best PR releases. An earlier one from today was probably the best so far: ELTON JOHN MAKES GUEST APPEARANCE ON NEW ALICE IN CHAINS ALBUM. Yes, PR people are still screaming at me in all caps. But better than Elton covering Would? is Gary Coleman, french fries and Facebook. It's either the lowest point in pop culture or a watershed moment as William Shatner appears to have passed the baton of shame down to the next generation. Canadian french fry chain New York Fries and agency zig out of Chicaga has enlisted my hero for its 25 year anniversary. Before you go "Fries in a cup, what the fu...?," trust a half-Canuck: We love fries in a cup--and we put vinegar on everything. Coupled with Gary predicting your Fry Cup Fortune on Facebook for a coupon, what's not to love!

Here's to you Mr. Coleman.

by Bill Green    Aug-11-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Promotions   

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