Advertising Week's Battle of the Ad Bands to Deliver More 'More F'ing Cowbell'


If you'll be in New York for Advertising Week September 21 - 25, you absolutely positively have to go to the YouTube Battle of the Ad Bands. Along with YouTube, it's presented by Electronic Arts, the Association of Music Producers and Sonny/ATV Music Publishinbg. Last year, it so totally rocked! There were some amazing performances.

McCann Erikson's More Fucking Cowbell (who will compete again this year) won the competition last year. In full 80's heavy metal, big hair regalia, along with two female dancers, the band absolutely owned the crowd and the judges. Who will win this year? You'll just have to go to find out.

Click More below for a full list of this year's competing brands.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-10-09    
Topic: Industry Events

Doritos to Buy Its Way Onto USA Today's Pointless Ad Meter


With the idiotic goal of getting three spots in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter, Doritos will air three consumer-created commercials in the Super Bowl this year. And they've upped the prize from $1 million to $5 million.

Last year's winners, Joe and dave Herbert will be on hand for the unveiling today on Madison Avenue which has, ith the city's permission, been dubbed Doritos Drive as well as Madison Avenue.

Yea, way to hype a survey that means absolutely nothing.

by Steve Hall    Sep-10-09    
Topic: Super Bowl 2010

Is Pamela Anderson Still Hot? PETA Thinks So


So in yet another semi-nudity-fueled, celebrity-filled racy outing, PETA's (it's UK division) got Pamela Anderson and Steve-O in a new commercial (video, really) hyping the cause groups anti-everything stance regarding animals and whether or not any part of them should be considered wearable.

Pamela Anderson plays airport security cop arresting all who inappropriately wear animal on their back. And of course all Anderson's wearing is a cop shirt buttoned once and hot pants. Sweet. So that's it. Watch here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-10-09    

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