Audience Conference Aims to Eliminate Bullshit


Perhaps we should call this conference The No Bullshit Conference because the man behind it, Loren Feldman, never bullshits. He of 1938media fame is a straight shooter. With all the hyperbolic insanity, otherwise known as social media, flailing about like a gaggle of primadonnas scratching your eyes out in an attempt to get your attention, Feldman's Audience Conference, conversely, aims to deliver some meat. Some usable information you can take away and immediately put to use.

Here's how the conference is described: "From the entertainers who engage audiences directly to the statisticians who measure them, to the technologists building tools to help us reach new and larger audiences and engage with them.

We've engineered a meeting of minds of 20+ of the best and brightest in their fields and 500 attendees who are their match in status, peppered with sparks of inspiration and laughter, leaving you with moments and memories to be savored for a lifetime."

Speakers include TechCrunch;s Mike Arrington, CBS News' Dan Farber, AllThingsD's Peter Kafka, Crayon's Joe Jaffe, MS&L's David Binkowski, Mahalo's Jason Calacanis, Copyblogger's Brian Clark, Shoemoney's Jeremy Shoemaker, Warner Bros. Records' Ethan Kaplan and many more.

If you're already going to be in New York for ad:tech the first week of November, then you'll be in the right place to attend The Audience Conference which takes place Friday, November 6 at the Hudson Theater and Millenium Hotel.

Bringing together artists and musicians who have an audience with tech geeks that want an audience, the conference will cut through the crap and answer the question: how do I get an audience? Get more details and register here. I'll be there. Will you?

by Steve Hall    Oct-19-09   Click to Comment   
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