'Be That Woman' Helps Single Mothers Get on Their Feet


We didn't think a cute little video about the challenges a single mother faces would affect us all that much but then, as we watched, we realized there are a lot of struggling women out there with mouths to feed who need help and don't have it all that easy.

This video from BeThatWoman.org takes us through the day of a woman who's trying to make a go of it for her and her baby. And it's tough going. She can't afford medicine. She can't afford to pay her utility bills. She can't afford daycare or the bus. She can't get a job at a snotty cafe.

And then. Salvation. She finds a women's center which can help her get back on her feet. It's the Washington Area Women's Foundation and the video was created by RP3. We like the simplicity of the work and the simplicity of the message.

by Steve Hall    Oct-26-09   Click to Comment   
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