DirecTV Ads Now Feature Heath Ledger, JFK, Jesus


If you had an issue with the Chris Farley commercial for DirecTV, you might have an issue with these spots featuring John F. Kennedy, Heath Ledger and Jesus.

Oh wait, they're just spoofs. Fakes. Corporate taunts. Thank you, Landline TV.

Have fun.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09    
Topic: Celebrity, Spoofs, Video

Trivial Pursuit Wants to Know Who's Smarter. Men or Women


It's like America's Finniest Home Videos! Yup. Men and doing stupid/brainless/forgetful things. And Trivial Pursuit wants to keep score. It's to promote a big ass, online meta-game which, yes, pits men against women.

Currently, the men are winning. Ladies? You better head over to the website and fix that!

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09    
Topic: Games

Clothing Retailer Brings More Pre-Movie 'Entertainment'


"Now the retailer is offering consumers a contemporary interactive experience for the price of a movie ticket." That's how this Johannes Leonardo-created pre-movie performance at New York's Ziegfeld Theater for fashion retailer Daffy's was described. And it seems that's how we're now describing pre-movie commercials...which is exactly what this was.

OK so yea, it's a pretty cool on and off screen performance during which actors don clothing in the video and then appear on stage wearing it while performing. Part of the promotion/performance was to offer a chance to win "deeply discounted rent on a fabulous West Village apartment."

Check it out here and let us know. Do you want to see this sort of thing before a movie or not?

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09    
Topic: Promotions

Newsflash! Two Guys Deliver Only Copy of Xbox Forza Motorsport!


If you like to watch two guys bicker over who's going to drive a Lamborghini with the only copy of Xbox Forza Motorsport from Edinburgh to the game's launch party in London, you might like this video8j6. If you don't really care about how it's decided who will get to drive the car, where they'll stop on the way and the inane things they'll say to each other along the way, you can be happy we did it for you so you don't have to.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09    
Topic: Promotions, Video

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Do These Shoes Make My Ass Look Hot?


If you're going to advertise a product that helps you tighten our ass and make your legs look great, you might as well highlight the results of using that product, right? That's exactly what DDB Chicago did for Reebok in a new commercial.

In the ad, a woman talk about the features of the show and how they can "make your legs and butt look great too." The camera operator, who clearly notices the woman's ass an legs have benefited from the shoes, thinks the results should be highlighted and zooms in on her assets.

While the woman isn't miffed at all by the camera's leer, she has to admonish the operator for an overactive use of the camera's zoom lens.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09    
Topic: Commercials, Racy

Police Called on McDonald's Rappers, RIP Cliff Freeman,


- A group of teens approached a McDonald's drive through and rapped their order just like in the commercial. The police were called. So stupid.

- Interested in mobile? Check out the Trends in Mobile Internet and Video webinar Thursday, November 19 organized by Business Development Institute.

- "We decided to send our clients a handy-dandy disguise kit that will help them perform all the acts of petty office espionage they've been plotting." It was for Halloween.

- The agency that created the famed Gerbil ad, Cliff Freeman & Partners, is no more. RIP.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09    

Sony Helps us Boot Up, Log On and Experience Life to the Fullest


When you sit down in front of your computer, do you suddenly feel like you're being assaulted with images of the intensity of life? The wonder and glory it brings? The passion and desire it creates? Do you feel like your every sense is being given it most intense workout?

Perhaps you will after you view this new Latin America-focused Sony Vaio commercial from El Segundo-based Ignited. In the commercial, we are asked, What if technology could make you feel more human?" We are then pummeled with imagery Dove Onslaught-style. But the imagery is "good" imagery. The things we want to feel and experience.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09    
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Good, Opinion

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