Corporate Idiocy: Verizon Slams Phone It Will Sell in Two Years


In the latest version of its iPhone-bashing commercials, McGarryBowen compares the Verizon Google Droid phone to a robot. A robot that crushes rocks. A robot that punches holes walls. Why? Because we don't need smart phones. We need robot phones. Why? Because robot phones do.

So...the Droid is an un-smart, idiotic brute that can kick ass and take names? Is that really what we want in a phone?

This ad is so far off the mark it falls into comical territory. The comparison to a rock crushing robot is absurd. Phones don't need to crush rock. They need to smartly do digital things with ease. Kinda like this thing from Apple called the iPhone. Heard of it?

Perhaps what Verizon and Google would really like to do is unleash an army of robots to physically crush the iPhone. Because they can't seem to crush it at it's own game: performing miraculous digital wonders with ease and beauty.

And here's another question. How much bashing of the iPhone does Verizon really want to do? After all, a year or two from now, the company will be out with ads pimping its version of the iPhone. Is it really a smart move for Verizon to trash a device they'll be selling in a short period of time? Do people actually think this stuff through before the ads get to the approval process. Are we the only ones who think this iPhone bashing Droid campaign is working at cross purposes for Verizon?

The again, Verizon is the company that used to treat dads like blithering idiots on a regular basis and, as far as we can tell, lots of dads still buy phones from Verizon. So maybe the carrier really is invincible to any form of backlash.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-09   Click to Comment   
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