Food Prep IS Hell


Brian on Idaho Ad Agencies points out a new campaign for pre-sliced RoastWorks veggies from Stoltz Marketing Group. (HEY, it's not just about BBDO around here, freaks.) There's a requisite microsite with short short extolling the virtue of pre-cut so as to avoid a nasty post-cut.

Having almost gone the culinary route until heeding the call of design school, I spent three years in a restaurant starting out on Neil duty. Prep. Sucks. Especially in the middle of a rush. OH, does it suck then. (Neil's knife skills? Very slow btw. No wonder his boss is giving him shit.) They nailed the rush part though. What I think they miss however is that any restaurant worth its seasoning will ONLY resort to packaged stuff or run out to the store as a last resort. So while it might fly if this were consumer-focused, I wonder if the trade here isn't more institutional in nature.

I did pull a Neil with a food slicer once, although not as severe. Never have corned beef in restaurants. Seriously. And my bosses weren't dicks. Coke fiends, well, that's another story.

by Bill Green    Nov-12-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns   

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