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PETA Ruins Thanksgiving


Oh come on, PETA! Can't we enjoy Thanksgiving without your preachy bitchiness? Apparently not thanks to the know-it-all little girl who gives thanks prior to eating Thanksgiving dinner with her family.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-09    
Topic: Cause, Video

Restaurant Helps You Inhale and Exhale


Ever been out to dinner and marvel with a gasp at the succulent beauty of your meal as the waiter places it in front of you? Ever gasped the same way but with a decidedly different feeling when the waiter rests the bill on the table at the end of the meal? Wouldn't it be nice if you could breath a sigh of relief instead?

That's the brilliantly simplistic message of this ad for the Salem, MA-based Sixty2 on Wharf Restaurant and Lounge created by Keith Lane Creative. It's part of a campaign to promote the restaurant's mid-week Really Happy Hours from 5PM to 7PM.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-09    
Topic: Campaigns, Magazine, Social

Sony Ericsson Phones Get Spectacular 3D Introduction


Maybe the guy who went to all that trouble (worth watching every year) to decorate his house with Christmas trees and then computer-programmed them to synchronize with Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards in Winter" might just be interested in the new 3D laser projection technology currently in use by Publicum Media for Sony Ericsson. It'd sure be easier than stringing 25,000 lights all over the exterior of his house.

Publicum created a seven minute 3D projection called When Fairy Tales Come True which was shown to an audience of 10,000 at the Vilnius City Town Hall in Lithuania. It's purpose, other than to entertain, was to promote the Sony Ericsson smartphone Satio and Aino.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-09    
Topic: Outdoor

Microsoft Store Dance Video Not A Viral Effort


So by now you've seen the video of Microsoft Store employees breaking into "spontaneous" dance in their new Mission Viejo store, right? If not, watch it here and then come back.

OK? Was that the most horrifically forced thing you've ever witnessed? Not that this is news or anything. After all, everything Microsoft does is forced, unnatural and desperate. What's news is the fact the video has been labeled a viral stunt.

more »

by Steve Hall    Nov-23-09    
Topic: Opinion, Social, Viral

Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa 'Funk Off'


This comment may best sum up this recent work from LAVA Communications in Sydney promoting the December appearance of The Dalai Lama in Australia for a series of talks and teachings: "A band dressed´╗┐ up as old famous people. It's been done. Fail."

A video, called The Nobel Funk Off, is being sold as having been created by "An anonymous private supporter of His Holiness the Dalai Lama." In other words, it was created by the agency which also says it will "shift focus" in a couple of weeks to reveal more about the event.

Hey, it's all in good fun. right?

by Steve Hall    Nov-23-09    
Topic: Campaigns, Cause, Celebrity, Events

AIDS Gets the Finger


Two makes a trend, right? If so, kicking the shit out of diseases is no officially a trend. Not that the shit hasn't been kicked out of diseases before but last week's prostate cancer blob ass whipping from TBWA\Chiat\Day and this week's fingering of AIDS by acHe, Barcelona, Spain, I think we can safely say there's a trend a foot.

Nonsense or can we expect to see an army of high-heeled hookers stomping holes in a colon cancer character or needle-wielding clowns poking holes in women's boobs all in the name of eradicating breast cancer?

by Steve Hall    Nov-23-09    
Topic: Cause, Poster

Pilgrims Get Sexy Makeover in Muscle Milk Thanksgiving Video


Teachers, hide your students! The traditional Pilgrim is about to get a deliciously sexy makeover by Jason Reed for Muscle Milk. In this video, we are treated to a far less than staid Thanksgiving as dinner turns into a hip-hop rap fest.

Entitled Sexy Pilgrim, the video was created by San Francisco-based Pereira & O'Dell and turns Thansgiving into something our forefathers never would have imagined.

by Steve Hall    Nov-20-09    
Topic: Good, Video

Canon Plays Digital Version of Freeze Tag


Likening action photography to a game of freeze tag, a group of people were given Canon cameras to use in a game of photographic freeze tag. The result, using many of the photos, is this new commercial directed by Saman Keshavarz.

There's not much more to say about it other than we like it.

by Steve Hall    Nov-20-09    
Topic: Commercials

If Honda's Choir Sung With Helium...


Back in 2006, Wieden + Kennedy created a Honda Civic commercial which had a choir provide the sounds for the car in the ad. It was an amazing feat. Not as amazing as the Honda Cog commercial but much more amazing than this knock off for the Alfa Romeo Mito which is being seeded as a viral.

It's not very funny which is sad becasue everything that involves helium should be funny. Sadly, the singers in this commercials look like Alvin and the Chipmunks in church.

by Steve Hall    Nov-20-09    
Topic: Bad, Video, Viral

Your Blackberry Storm Will Kill You With Lightning


We're not quite sure a brand would associate themselves with life-threatening lightning but McCann-Erikson New York has chosen to for Verizon's Blackberry Storm 2. Of course, the lightning in this commercial isn't really killing anyone. Rather, it's giving birth to the new Storm. That not so minor detail wasn't exactly clear to us at first. Then again, we've been known to be a bit dumb hen it comes to stuff like this. Kinda like a Verizon Dumb Dad, actually.

Anyway, our press contact wouldn't be happy if we didn't mention Digital Domain was behind the CG work in the commercial and "did a huge amount of ground augmentation, added CG smoke and post-explosion debris, created an entirely CG Blackberry Storm 2 phone, and provided on-set CG supervision."

Check out the work here.

by Steve Hall    Nov-20-09    
Topic: Commercials

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