Police Called on McDonald's Rappers, RIP Cliff Freeman,


- A group of teens approached a McDonald's drive through and rapped their order just like in the commercial. The police were called. So stupid.

- Interested in mobile? Check out the Trends in Mobile Internet and Video webinar Thursday, November 19 organized by Business Development Institute.

- "We decided to send our clients a handy-dandy disguise kit that will help them perform all the acts of petty office espionage they've been plotting." It was for Halloween.

- The agency that created the famed Outpost.com Gerbil ad, Cliff Freeman & Partners, is no more. RIP.

- Mediaite takes a look at the affect social media may have had on Ford's $1 billion Q3 profit.

- Make sure you check out this week's Beancast with C.C. Chapman, Len Kendall and Åsk Wäppling and Bill Green.

- Zamboni gets wrapped.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09   Click to Comment   

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