Nude PETA Angel Says 'Always Adopt. Never Buy'


Oh PETA, how we love to hate you. Or is it hate to love you? Either way, it doesn't matter. You're a bit hypocritical in your efforts to rid the world of everything eatable, wearable and comforting but you do know how you make a sexy ad that gets people's panties in a bunch. And your latest is no exception.

You've got an almost naked woman - Playboy's Joanna Krupa - holding a cross and floating in mid air as if she were an angel. All to call attention to the fact people shouldn't buy animals. It seems almost moot you're ads rarely every appear anywhere other than on your website and in the press but that's kinda the point, right? All you're after s publicity. You really couldn't care less where people get their animals or what they think of you killing most of the animals in your care.

No, It's all about nudity. And press. And scandal. And salaciousness. And titillation. And press. And sensationalism. And did we say nudity?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    
Topic: Cause

My Sky HD TV Helps Ease Life's Challenges


Life got you down? Shark bit your hands off? That hot chick not what you expected? Caught your wife cheating? It's not big deal. Just sit down on the couch, turn the TV on and all your troubles will disappear.

It's amazing what a commercial can do, isn't it?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    
Topic: Strange

Hey Old People Can Be Hot Too, Right?


We are a youth-obsessed culture. Advertising is a youth-obsessed business. So it's refreshingly hilarious when we see old people portrayed as if they were hot, horny twenty-somethings with nothing better to do then then seductively lick an ice cream cone in slow motion.

Here for your viewing pleasure is an equal opportunity, age agnostic commercial for Science World which claims vanilla is the most erotic scent to older men.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Spirit Airlines Has Fun With Tiger Woods


Oh this is funny. And totally classless all at the same time. One of the five rotating videos (the fifth at the time we visited) on the Spirit Airlines homepage depicts a tiger driving a car into a fire hydrant. Hahahaha. Witty.

Not really but, then again, Spirit Airlines loves to poke fun.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    

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Do You Really Want Your Bartender to Breathe Fire?


In an effort to hype the fact they'll be hosting parties during the holiday season, bartenders from the Prestwich (UK) TGI Fridays make Tom Cruise (in the movie Cocktail) look like a baby playing with a milk bottle. The Viral Factory filmed the Prestwich bartenders flipping cherries into glasses, launching a shaker shot 30 feet across the restaurant, slicing 12 limes in two seconds and serving seven flaming Sambucas in eight seconds.

We're not sure we want to be anywhere near the bar when those flaming Sambucas are served but it sure is fun to watch.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    
Topic: Video

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