Naughty or Nice? Let Your Twitter Stream Determine


Want to know if you're naughty or nice this holiday season? Visit Collective London's Twitter stream analyzer which detects whether or not you'll be on his list or not. You can also tweet you niceness or nastiness. Predictable, I'm naughty.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-09    
Topic: Social

Like Unicorns? There's an App For That


There's over one million iPhone apps now. One million. Or something like that. Perhaps ten percent actually do something. The other ninety? Well, here's an example of what people are wasting their time creating and downloading. The street promotion for this app is actually more fun than the app itself.

Minneapolis agency mono created this pointless timewaster. Oh wait. People are into this unicorn crap. So we guess it's all good.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-09    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Video

If You Lay on This Beach You could Get Cancer


So you're laying on the beach enjoying yourself and suddenly you hear this. Do you really want to be reminded that all you're doing is increasing your chances of getting skin cancer? Well that's the goal of this creation from Sydney-based Three Drunk Monkeys which worked with singer/songwriter Ben Lee to create a five second message to be played at area beaches. Twenty different messages were created. Here's one.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-09    
Topic: Outdoor

EA Mocks, Worst Marketing, Worst Ads, Lost Dogs

- Here's a 22 minute "mockumentary" from Mechanism that promotes the Electronic Arts World War II game, The Saboteur.

- Here's the first of many. One man's list of the Top Ten Worst Marketing Moves of 2009.

- Lost your dog? There's an app for that.

- And in other's BNET's Ten Worst Ads of 2009.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-09    
Topic: Video

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London Agency Gives Us Point., Click, Sing Holiday Cheer


So the singing head thing has been done before by agencies but this one is kind of fun. After listening to the agency sing a Christmas carol, you get to choose your own selection and use your keyboard to make the singing heads do their business.

This little holiday time waster comes to us from Archibald Ingall Stretton in London. Have fun.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-09    
Topic: Agencies

Do You Know What Bears Do in There?


Don't you love how much bottled water and beer companies love to tout how great they are because they come from crystal clear springs that cascade down from snow-capped mountaintops? Don't you love how they never mention what the wildlife does in that crystal clear water?

Well Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado cares and they make a point of reminding us what bears do in the wild. The work comes from Cultivator Advertising & Design and will break in January on the Cotton Bowl and/or the Orange Bowl as well as Fox sports programming.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-09    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials

Dude, Where Are the Holes?


So you're out with your friends and you find yourself at the bowling alley. You go to pick up a ball and...WTF...there's no holes on the ball for your fingers. Surely, you must be mistaken and you turn the ball around in your hands until you realize there are words where the holes are supposed to be. The read, "Helps Prevent" and "Cavities and "Elmex." You shake your head and realized you've been adver-balled.

You then read on Adrants that this is the work of Israeli agency Shalomar Avnon Amichy and realize yet another surface has been usurped for commercial purposes. Then you ask yourself. Should you be angered or should you slap SAA on the back for furthering the adver-anywhere trend?

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-09    
Topic: Specialty

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