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The Last Word on Method's Horny Shiny Suds


So Method ran a humorous commercial, called Shiny Suds, showing scrubbing bubbles taunting a naked woman in the shower. After complaints from people who actually likened the spot to condoning rape (we kid you not), Method pulled the commercial. Words fail at this point but we'll give it a shot:

1. Cause groups and feminist blogging should be outlawed.

2. Everyone with a stick up their ass over this should promptly shove it all the way through until it pops out the top of their head. Hopefully they'll die and allow the rest of us to "use the loofa" without feeling like we're being gang raped in the shower. (Where the hell do people come up with this crap?)

3. Brands should grow a pair and proudly lift their middle finger when confronted by a gaggle of idiots who have nothing better to do than to suck the last drop of humor out of life.

4. Just for fun, Dow should hire an army of men in Scrubbing Bubbles costumes, send them to BlogHer (and the rest of the female conference circuit) and have them ejaculate foamy white stuff all over attendees. That ought to get some panties in a bunch.

5. Um... Nope. Got nothing left. Feel free to add your own.


Ever wish you could take something back? I do.

The tidal wave of commentary on this over the last few days has certainly given me a taste of my own medicine and reminded me of a couple of things:

#1 - When you're wrong admit it.
#2 - When you hurt someone's feelings say you're sorry.

I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 7-09    
Topic: Brands, Opinion, Strange

Target Gets All Awkward About Christmas


You know Target, right? That big box store that's hip? The one everyone pronounces as if it were some kind of French lingerie store? The one that likes to target the female target? The one that likes to associate big assed babes shakin' ass with little girl's back packs?

Got that mental picture yet? Now open your eyes and watch these three new commercials which focus on the retailer's low prices. They're marginally witty in that 20-something copywriter sort of way. They poke fun at a doofus who'd never find himself on a a date with a girl this cute. They highlight those awkward Christmas moments when finances interfere with the spirit of the day. They make it perfectly OK to adorn your house with lights like this guy does.

Price is always important but focusing on in strips away some of the brand's cache. What do you think?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 7-09    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials, Creative Commentary

Planet Hollywood Will Make You 'Phamous' in Vegas


Oh how we love a good flash mob. Remember the flash mob's quaint beginnings? Neither do we. It was so long ago and the "art form" has long been usurped by marketers. But hey, it's still fun to see a hundred or so people suddenly break into dance. Especially when the song is as catchy as the one that accompanies this Vegas-based Planet Hollywood flash mob.

The song, called "Phamous", and the flash mob performance were created in cooperation with the Planet Hollywood marketing department by Shay Carl and produced by Midi Mafia. None of the employees on duty at the time had any knowledge of the stunt.

So yea, it was planned. But we still like it.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-09    
Topic: Guerilla

Nude PETA Angel Says 'Always Adopt. Never Buy'


Oh PETA, how we love to hate you. Or is it hate to love you? Either way, it doesn't matter. You're a bit hypocritical in your efforts to rid the world of everything eatable, wearable and comforting but you do know how you make a sexy ad that gets people's panties in a bunch. And your latest is no exception.

You've got an almost naked woman - Playboy's Joanna Krupa - holding a cross and floating in mid air as if she were an angel. All to call attention to the fact people shouldn't buy animals. It seems almost moot you're ads rarely every appear anywhere other than on your website and in the press but that's kinda the point, right? All you're after s publicity. You really couldn't care less where people get their animals or what they think of you killing most of the animals in your care.

No, It's all about nudity. And press. And scandal. And salaciousness. And titillation. And press. And sensationalism. And did we say nudity?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    
Topic: Cause

My Sky HD TV Helps Ease Life's Challenges


Life got you down? Shark bit your hands off? That hot chick not what you expected? Caught your wife cheating? It's not big deal. Just sit down on the couch, turn the TV on and all your troubles will disappear.

It's amazing what a commercial can do, isn't it?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    
Topic: Strange

Hey Old People Can Be Hot Too, Right?


We are a youth-obsessed culture. Advertising is a youth-obsessed business. So it's refreshingly hilarious when we see old people portrayed as if they were hot, horny twenty-somethings with nothing better to do then then seductively lick an ice cream cone in slow motion.

Here for your viewing pleasure is an equal opportunity, age agnostic commercial for Science World which claims vanilla is the most erotic scent to older men.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Spirit Airlines Has Fun With Tiger Woods


Oh this is funny. And totally classless all at the same time. One of the five rotating videos (the fifth at the time we visited) on the Spirit Airlines homepage depicts a tiger driving a car into a fire hydrant. Hahahaha. Witty.

Not really but, then again, Spirit Airlines loves to poke fun.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    

Do You Really Want Your Bartender to Breathe Fire?


In an effort to hype the fact they'll be hosting parties during the holiday season, bartenders from the Prestwich (UK) TGI Fridays make Tom Cruise (in the movie Cocktail) look like a baby playing with a milk bottle. The Viral Factory filmed the Prestwich bartenders flipping cherries into glasses, launching a shaker shot 30 feet across the restaurant, slicing 12 limes in two seconds and serving seven flaming Sambucas in eight seconds.

We're not sure we want to be anywhere near the bar when those flaming Sambucas are served but it sure is fun to watch.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-09    
Topic: Video

Cheil Worldwide Aquires The Barbarian Group


South Korean holding company Chiel Worldwide has taken a majority stake in The Barbarian Group, the Boston-based digital shop first known for its work on Subservient Chicken and, most recently, its augmented reality issue of Esquire. The agency will move its headquarters to its New York Office and agency heads, CEO Benjamin Palmer, COO Rick Webb and Chief Experience Officer (please, guys) Keith Butters will remain in charge of the shop.

We love Barbarian Group. The agency began with $500 in Palmer's apartment in 2001 and has grown quickly to a digital powerhouse. It's nice to see the agency succeed and get acquired by an entity a bit more interesting than the usual American suspects. Congrats, guys.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-09    
Topic: Agencies

Dockers to Put Hair Back on Men's Chests, Halt Metrosexualism


Did you know testosterone levels in men dropped 1.2 percent per year, or about 17 percent overall between 1987 and 2004? Did you know nearly 80 percent of the net employment losses from November 2007 to April 2009 were incurred by men? Did you know 58.9 percent of all graduate students in fall 2008 were women?

Sounds pretty emaciating if you're a man doesn't it? Well Dockers, yes Dockers, wants to put an end to the decline of manly manliness with a new campaign that screams "Wear the Pants." Yes, the preppy standby wants to "put forth a new definition of masculinity, one that embraces strength and sensitivity and appeals to men who can change a tire AND a diaper." Hear that, metrosexuals? Turn in your skinny jeans right now!

With print, billboard, radio, social media, events and digital launching December 1, a new TV spot will air during the Super Bowl in February. Created by DraftFCB, the campaign will touch 40 countries worldwide.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-09    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns

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