All Women Do Housework in Lingerie, Right?


Can you say objectification? No, neither can we. Which is why we love this new long form ad from lingerie brand Damaris which revels in the voyeuristic pleasures of watching women clean house clad in nothing but see through lingerie. And yes, this is not exactly the sort of thing you want to watch at work.

Does it objectify woman? You could say so. Do we have to go all up in that grill and ruin the superficial fun of it? No we don't. And please don't OK?

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-10    
Topic: Racy, Video

Apple Introduces New Feminine Protection Product: The iPad


According to an explosion of tweets following Steve Jobs' announcement of the iPad, the device's new name isn't going over so well:

- For now the iPad's really exciting, but wait until they release the iTampon - PhloxLombardi

- iPad: You only need to plug it in once a month - DieLaughing

- Wow - its the iPad. Wonder if it comes in 2 sizes (maxi and mini) - donthorson

- I guess it's Apple's "time of the month" - mcafiero

- The Apple iPad: for all your heavy (work) flow days - ch33rs

- Our little iPod has hit womanhood - cubanalaf

- To recap: the iPad will come with an iRag (to keep it clean) + some iBruprofen (to keep it working smoothly) + iWings (protection plan) - fourchickens

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by Steve Hall    Jan-27-10    
Topic: Bad, Brands

Bridgestone Teases Super Bowl Commercials


On Sunday February 7th, Bridgestone will air two new commercials during Super Bowl XLIV. The brand will also be the title sponsor of the Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show with The Who.

As is the case with many brands during the run up to the SUper Bowl, Bridgestone has released teasers and behind-the-scenes footage for their two commercials - "Whale of a Tale" and "Your Tires or Your Life".

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-10    
Topic: Super Bowl 2010

Stork Delivers Pregnancy health Soliloquy to Ducks


When a human dressed like an overworked stork stands beside a pond full of ducks and says "50 percent of pregnancies are unplanned" and how it's important for men and women to take care of themselves before and during pregnancy, for them to exercise properly and eat a well balanced diet, the whole thing comes off like a lame Saturday Night Live skit. And the importance of the message (which is very important) is lost on the ridiculousness of the delivery mechanism.

The work is for New Orleans-based Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals' Partners for Healthy Babies and comes from Trumpet.

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-10    
Topic: Cause, Strange

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States Riffed on in LowerMyBills Ad


Adverlicious points to an interesting ad for LowerMyBills which features a collection of vanity license plates that, supposedly, riff off the reputation of individual states. Some more biting than others. Here's a look at a few.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-27-10    
Topic: Online

Icon Aims to Avoid Government Regulation of Online Advertising


In a continuing effort to fend off government regulation, the advertising industry will, today, add to its arsenal of self regulation tools. Working with the Future of Privacy Forum, several WPP divisions worked together to create an icon which, when placed in an ad along with the text "Why did I get this ad?"and clicked, will take a person to a page explaining how web surfing history, demographics, phychographics and behavioral targeting where used to deliver the ad.

The efforts is aimed at addressing privacy concerns about data marketers use to target their advertising.

Future of Privacy Forum Co-Chairman Jules Polonetsky explained the creative effort - while snubbing associated legal efforts - saying, "We said, let's turn to creative people whose job it is to sell things, to communicate, instead of to lawyers whose job is to create highly accurate things that mean only what they mean and can be highly complex."

The IAB is behind the effort as well but there's no legal requirement any marketer or publisher adopt the icon.

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-10    
Topic: Policy

Tongue Condom Ruins AIDS Awareness Effort


This painfully slow moving :60 for Word of Mouth Against AIDS attempts to urge us all to, um, wear a condom on our tongues to halt the spread of the disease. OK so not really. It's just a metaphor. But that doesn't make it any less gross. Or any less Freaky.

And, as Copyranter points out. the entire concept runs counter to what the organization actually wants us to do: spread the word about AIDS. That's not so easy to do with a condom on your tongue. Concept fail?

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-10    
Topic: Cause

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