Bonds Original Hipsters Celebrated With Booty Shaking


How to you sell Bonds, the Original Hipster? You grab an all-girl group and dress them in their underwear and have them rock out. It's simple, really. When it comes to selling lingerie and underwear, there's no need to over engineer.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Racy

Scope Flashmobs Ryan Seacrest and His Mother


So when you're Ryan Seacrest and you're trying to enjoy a peaceful Valentine's Day with your mother, things don't always go as planned. Nope. The pair were flashmobbed by Scope while they were having lunch in LA last Thursday.


by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Bad, Celebrity

Nationwide Insurance Taps World's Greatest Spokesperson

nationwide_worlds_greatest_spokesperson.jpg there such a thing as the World's Greatest Spokesperson? According to Nationwide Insurance, yes, and they set out to find him living in a cabin on a snowy mountaintop. Apparently, the dude has a history. He's one work for Bears Are Dangerous and a PSA about the dangers of germs.

Of course, you've never heard of him because he's a fabrication. But he does have his own website, Facebook page, Twitter account (he's following no one...not good)and a T-shirt making application.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials

Early Bloomers Help Your Two Dads From Being Homeopathic


Poking fun at the amount of misinformation that flits between kids who think they know everything, Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG have put together a video and a website which illustrate what advice might look like if it didn't have the aid of parental involvement. From gems like "you can't get a girl pregnant if you have sex in a condominium" to "cigarettes aren't cool unless they're methanol," this work, entitled Early Bloomers, is for Big Brother and Big Sisters.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Cause

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Challenged Athletes Challenge Themselves For Nike


From director Brian Beletic and with music from The Hours (Ali in the Jungle), this new commercial for Nike highlights several athletes who have faced certain challenges in their careers but keep trying and trying again. Because, you know, Nike says Just Do It.

In the ad we see Lance Armstrong, Maria Sharapova and many other athletes who've hit it big...and work hard to do it again. MassMarket did the vfx.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Commercials

As Usual, Bigger is Better So Says Lynx


Well here's an ad that's sure to get a few panties in a bunch. On the premise that women get bored easily, Lynx is out with a new commercial touting its Lynx Twist, the fragrance that changes. And, apparently, that's not the only thing Lynx changes in this ad. While it'd be nice to have styling robots following you around insuring your woman is bnever bored, there are some things that just can't be changed. Well, easily, that is.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

And Now For A Horrific Post-Valentine's Day Message


If for no other reason than to watch a cute, cuddly, stuffed teddy bear go a bit bonkers explaining Anti-Valentine's Day, this video is a must watch.

It comes courtesy of the Viral Factory.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Strange

I'm On A Horse But Bob Garfield Was on a Plane


So while Bob Garfield was on a plane during the Super Bowl (yes, beyond all fathomable reason, this is true), thus missing the fact Google ran a commercial (only to review it a week later), Old Spice's "I'm on a Horse" should have been in the game. During this week's Beancast (summarized here), it was agreed the Old Spice commercial would have been a standout hit in the game. It poked fun at the whole metrosexual thing but in a way that was humorous to all.

But, back to what I was talking about. Bob Garfield, the industry's preeminent ad commentator was on a plane during the Super Bowl. On a plane as in not watching the game. As in not watching the year's biggest pantheon of advertising. As in not doing his job.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Opinion, Super Bowl 2010

Ad Bloggers Bitch About Super Bowl Ads on Beancast


Last night, I was part of this week's Beancast with Bob Knorpp. Along with Adland's Ask Wappling, Make the Logo Bigger's Bill Green and AdScam's George Parker we skewered this year's Super Bowl commercials, Crapped on Google's Buzz and laughed at Edelman's study which claimed, in a nutshell, no one trusts their friends' recommendations any more.

In terms of the best Super Bowl commercial, we agreed Google was it. It was one of the few commercial that actually explained how the product worked and what it's benefit could be to people. The commercial wasn't perfect. There was debate on it's effectiveness in terms of the attention level it required to understand it and how that might be difficult during a drunken Super Bowl party. But George Parker made the point that, well, that's the point. The game and the commercial scream at you for three hours. The Google ad was a welcome and calming interlude between all the screaming. In that respect, it may have commanded a bit more attention that, say, Betty White getting thrown to the ground.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Podcast, Super Bowl 2010

Canada Wants Your Face on Its Royal Canadian Mint


The Olympics have begun and all eyes are on Vancouver. Canadian marketers are leveraging all the attention and one, The Royal Canadian Mint, has launched Face of the Games. The organization is offering 100 people the chance to get their face on a gold medallion that's said to be worth $10,000. Winners will also get a trip for two to Ottawa to pick up their medallions.

Canadians can visit Face of the Games, submit a video or photo and essay explaining why they are the "ultimate Vancouver 2010 fan." For those not into their face on a coin, there's the Tweet For Gold contest. Each week, @CanadianMint will ask a question. Followers who answer correctly will have the chance to win one of three prizes each week through March 21.

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Promotions

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