Annie Leibowitz Gets Taunted in HP Commercial


HP is out with an un-aired ad featuring Annie Leibovitz. It's part of their series with Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords and Dr. Dre. It looks so familiar. Like we've seen it before. Probably on some other ad blog or something. Wait? What? There are other ad blogs out there? Not everyone reads Adrants? OMG!

by Steve Hall    Mar-29-10    
Topic: Celebrity

Lacta's Love At First Site Begets Love in Action


Following its amazing, IAB MIXX Award winning Love at First site long form ad, Lacta, along with help from consumers, has crowdsourced another gem, Love in Action. Yes, we are a sucker for these things. Thank you OgilvyOne. Will we see you onstage at this year's IAB MIXX Awards?

by Steve Hall    Mar-29-10    
Topic: Brands, Video

It's Just So Big!


All the news that is.

- Seriously" Can we please stop with the consumer-generated Doritos idiocy?

- The Art Director's Club has announced its National Student Portfolio Review which will take place May 3-5 at the ADC Gallery in New York. The ADC needs reviewers. If you're interested, contact Flora Moir, ADC education coordinator at, 212-643-1440, x16.

- Don't Text and drive. It's the new don't drink and drive campaign.

- A reader writes, "I don't believe I can possible explain how awesomely awful he truly is. See for yourself" One. Two. Three. We're way too tired and bored to bother figuring out this viral.

- For making the compassionate decision never to use great apes in ads and for substituting animatronic technology and stock footage for captive animals in recent TV commercials, BBDO New York has won PETA's Humane Ad Agency Award.

- Oh so this is how Leo Burnett (Lisbon) does such great work.

- Burger King has a deal with Dig where empty search results return an ad for the Double Cheeseburger.

- Melinda Mettler has been named to the post of Director of Online Student Relations at the Academy of Art University, and replacing her are two veteran educators from the Art Center College of Design--Roland Young, a graphic designer who has taught both design and advertising courses at Art Center, and Ellen Shakespeare, an agency copywriter, who taught in Art Center's advertising program. The pair will co-direct the AAU's School of Advertising.

- Dear Carlos Mandelbaum, please....for the love of the smile...PLEASE invest in a teeth whitening product! Your teeth are more horrific to look at than all those clips of tragedy.

- Some people will do anything for their favorite sports figure. "Before LeBron becomes a free agent in just under 100 days, I will endure 23 painful/ridiculous/potentially embarrassing things to show LeBron how much he means to Cavs fans and the city of Cleveland."

- Dana Severson has hooked up with the guy jason Sadler for a new venture, IDesignYourLogo. The business model is simple. One logo a day, for one company a day.

- These things are never as good as their origins. Tay Zonday does

- This ad is really, really long.

by Steve Hall    Mar-29-10    
Topic: Video

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