'Feminist Bloggers' Blamed For Crazydomain Ad Ban


So why, today, is everyone writing about a Pamela Anderson commercial that debuted last year? because, surprise, surprise, it's fallen into the":banned ad" category. And because of that we all get to write about it again. And who doesn't love to write about busty milk-soaked hotties in a boardroom who disrobe down to their unmentionables and douse themselves in milk?

Wait. What were we talking about? Oh yea. The ad, for Crazydomains.com.au, has been banned by Australia's Advertising Standards Authority after receiving hundreds of complaints.

The company's managing director is blaming feminist bloggers for the uproar and told the Brisbane Times the decision "made no sense and is completely un-Australian. We are certainly not going to take this lying down."

But wait. Isn't lying down what you ultimately want to do when two women decide to strip in the middle of a boardroom?

by Steve Hall    Mar- 3-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Policy, Racy   

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