Parties, Panels, People Populate SXSW Friday


On Friday the masses arrived in Austin for SXSW. As is always the case, it was a meet and greet fest of epic social media proportion. Even Robert Scobel is here if anyone actually cares. The panels began at 2PM but most of the afternoon was spent hanging in the hallways meeting people as they arrived.

By the time all that meet and greet was over and lunch was had - at which we waited an hour and a half for our burgers (which were very good) - it was time to start drinking. After all, this is SXSW. Laura Fitton held a gathering at Champions. Jason Falls had a party. There was the TechSet party. The Mix at Six. And a late night, flash mob-style gathering at the Driskill. And that's just what we made it to. There were at least 20 other events going on throughout the city. We're sure the Pastries and Pasties party was good but we went last year.

In terms of panels Friday afternoon, or favorite was How Not to be a Douchebag at SXSW. The title says it all. The content was good, Informative and hopefully it will lead to a lower douchebag quotient this year. Although, Alisa Leonard noted "Lots of walking, talking spammers at this year's SXSW."

And can you believe it...there was a panel on social media! Revolutionary, can't can't miss stuff. Yea, we didn't go. Much more to learn in the hallway.

Anyway, on to the pictures.

by Steve Hall    Mar-13-10   Click to Comment   
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