Ted Murphy Shares the Beginnings of PayPerPost at SOBCon 2010


In this six-ish minute video, IZEA Founder Ted Murphy tells the story of how he started PayPerPost, how the market reacted to it, how he reacted to that reaction and how he changed things to move forward.

You might have hated PayPerPost when it launched a few years ago. We certainly did. But the model changed. The market changed. And we came around. Ted's a nice guy. Give the video a watch.

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by Steve Hall    May- 1-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Hot Women in Ads? Get Used to it. They're Here to Stay


AdFreak describes new work from Hunky Dorys as "an advertising campaign that pairs scantily clad females playing a contact sport with suggestive headlines in a blatant attempt to curry favor with the young male target market."

Um. Well, isn't that the entire point? What's blatant about using images of hot, half-dressed women to catch men's attention? It's basic human nature. Men love hot women. Men want to be with hot women. And when they can't...which is most the time...they settle for staring at hot women. In magazines. On TV. On the internet, In porn flicks. And, yes, in advertising which, if you think about it, is really a public service of sorts.

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by Steve Hall    May- 1-10    
Topic: Opinion, Racy

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