Nike Loves Men Who Love Sex


Everyone loves sex, right? But, damn, it can get you into so much trouble sometimes. We've all heard the Tiger Woods story. And we all know Nike is standing by its man. It seems, Nike will stand behind any man who loves sex, no matter who they have it with or how many people they choose to do it with.

French footballer Franck Ribery, who Nike is very much in bed with, may face three years in prison and a fine of up to £40,000 for sleeping with the, at the time, underage teen call girl Zahia Dehar.

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by Steve Hall    May-10-10    
Topic: Brands

OMG! Twitpocalypse! Twitter Loses Everyone's Followers!


Today around 12:30PM EST, a glitch on Twitter caused everyone's Following and Followers count to read zero. That's right. No one's following anyone and no one's being followed. Except, of course, that's no really true. We still see all our followers in the stream. And others report the same.

How did this happen? Earlier today, Gizmodo reported a method that would allow any Twitter user to force another to follow them simply by typing "accept" and the person's username. Shortly thereafter, all Twitter counts fell to zero. It would seem Twitter caught wind of the glitch and is now madly trying to apply a fix. Though, in doing so, they (we hope temporarily) have wiped out everyone's Follow and Follower count.

So yes. Today, social media has temporarily died. People are flipping out. It's the end of the world. And it's hilarious. Really, really hilarious.

UPDATE: Well, that was fun while it lasted. At around 2PM EST Follow and Follower counts were restored.

by Steve Hall    May-10-10    
Topic: Social

Should AOL Buy Facebook?


Loren Feldman of 1938 media has made a public plea to AOL CEO and Chairman Tim Armstrong urging him to buy Facebook. Calling Mark Zuckerberg an asshole who can't be trusted and who treats people's data like "chips in some bullshit poker game," Feldman argues AOL is a brand that still means something and was known for its simplicity and its privacy, something that's currently dogging Facebook.

Feldman says Armstrong should go on TV and plead his case to the American public and educate them about what's going on with Facebook and why it would be better under the AOL umbrella.

If you're into alternative opinions, give this video a watch. You won't be disappointed.

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by Steve Hall    May-10-10    
Topic: Opinion, Video

35th Anniversary One Show Finalists Announced


The One Club has announced the finalists for its 35th Anniversary One Show, One Show Design and One Show Interactive, part of Creative Week NYC. Finalists will be competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze Pencils at One Show Design on May 10th; the One Show on May 13th and One Show Interactive on May 14th.

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by Steve Hall    May-10-10    
Topic: Industry Events

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Vancouver Attacked by Giant Plastic Six Pack Rings


Those pesky plastic six pack holders are wreaking havoc in Vancouver courtesy of Rethink which has placed giant versions of the single use plastic six pack rings atop sculptures across the city for the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Won't the Sacred Society for Sculpture Safety have something to say about this?

by Steve Hall    May-10-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Newsflash! 'Naked' Woman on Chatroulette! Must Be an Ad. Yawn.


Oh, Chatroulette, how we used to love you so. Back in the day before anyone had heard of you. Back before people could pleasure themselves in peace before everyone found out that's all anyone does on Chatroulette. And back before every brand in the world decided Chatroulette is the new Second Life.

Here we have Amsterdam-based condom shop Condomerie using a "topless" hottie holding a sign which, at first, lets the viewer think they've struck masturbatory gold. Then the young lady holds the sign up and the viewer is presented with, "You are now in touch with a HIV infected person. Don't play Russian roulette in real life." Way to bring a guy down.

Of course this is completely stupid and the targeting is idiotic. First of all, no one needs a condom to masturbate. And, second, no matter how prolific a person's Chatroulette orgasm may be, there will never be an exchange of bodily fluids and, hence, no chance of becoming infected with HIV.

Can we move on from Chatroulette now?

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by Steve Hall    May-10-10    
Topic: Bad, Creative Commentary, Online, Opinion, Social

England Wants Its Empire Back


After watching this Carlsberg Team Talk video, you'd think England was just a tiny island in the Atlantic ocean with aspirations to colonize the world. Oh wait, they already did. Now, it seems, they want to apply that same own-the-world spirit to football. This is Carlsberg's team talk to ready the Englishmen to dominate the World Cup in South Africa.

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by Steve Hall    May-10-10    
Topic: Video

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