Ford Fiesta Kicks Lamborghini's Ass, Aids Escape From Zombies


So the 2011Ford Fiesta is almost here. How is Ford touting the vehicle? A couple of different ways. It's being compared to a Lamborghini and it's being hyped as an escape vehicle from zombies. OK, then.

At first blush, one might respond to those two approaches with "Seriously?" and "Well, that's relevant!" But, as we find and the Lamborghini is, it can't beat the turning radius of the Fiesta nor does it have side mirror turn signals or key-less entry or a trunk you can actually fit stuff in. You know, the important stuff. Though if cost weren't an issue, we're pretty sure people would go with the Lamborghini. Thankfully for Ford, price is always an issue.

Then the vehicle is pimped as a zombie escape vehicle because the keyless entry allows for quick access and the push button start makes for a quick get away. Very important things when you have zombies after you. Apart from the fact that's a highly unlikely scenario, running away from a crazed boyfriend or a mugger isn't and those features could come in handy in a pinch.

Oh and then there's the "real" commercial in which the push buttons starter brings a circus of activity to a city neighborhood. A brass band, skydivers, Parkour jumpers and umbrella twirling unicycle riders. It's Pretty Big Deal.

by Steve Hall    May-18-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Strange   

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