Nightclub Ladies Room Bladder-Blocked For WaterAid


This one gets points for perseverance. Gabrielle Tigan sent us her entry for the Cannes Young Lions WaterAid competition. She sent it to us a few days ago, writing, "I promise no usage of toilet humor or long shots of glasses of water."

We yawned.

But then we thought, Hmm. What guy wouldn't want to voyeuristically be in the ladies room with a bunch of hotties?" So we watched.

We yawned again.

But the perseverance continued in another email from Tigan in which she wrote, "I definitely went for the voyeur approach. It was a guerrilla stunt in which my friends occupied those stalls as the line of girls got more and more angry. I had a better better camera on loan but since I had to conceal it, an iPhone was the obvious answer. I had to act like I was drunkenly text messaging so they would suspect me."

So we watched again. We wanted to yawn again but out of respect for the young lady's perseverance and the fact it wasn't a disgusting "two guys, one cup" or someone puking into a toilet for 30 seconds or some second grade level computer graphics, we resisted and decided to share her efforts with the world.

Though I think we're too late. The contest is over.

by Steve Hall    May-25-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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